Phantom Queue pop - "You have been removed from the activity finder..."

This has been an issue for myself for a long time (Since TSW), and I’m pretty sure a good chunk of the rest of the player body as well. In queue for NYR or dungeons or whatever, and the queue pops while you happen to be in between zones and never see it, but shortly after you zone in you get the message that ‘You have been removed from the activity finder because a member of your team did not accept…’

There has GOT to be a way for the system to note your current status and if you are in the process of Zoning or within 5 seconds of such, it should be able to send you a second queue status invitation window that you can actually SEE and Respond to! PLEASE! You have no idea how frustrating it is to spend an hour+ in queue just for this to happen and you have to queue up again and start all over… And have no idea if another RAID/Dungeon/whatever is going to pop after that. sigh

Thank you.


Thank you for the feedback! We will be looking at this for a potential fix in a future update.