Using the activity finder from within Terminal D

Ah, Terminal D, the favorite place of so many people, brings us new entertainment after the last patch :


The acticity finder kicks out out after you get your scenario/dungeon pop. You get to sign up, choose roles and on clicking “accept” you get the boot.

The problem ? I’m neither dead nor in Anima Form, standing at the fourth terminal and hacking away at the Morninglight’s darkest secrets.

This happens since the last patch when you manage to die at the client freeze at the first laser tripwire, possibly even after you die there from other sources (I did not test this).
Before that patch, for six months I was able to shuttle out of there with the activity finder regardless of how many times the game rubberbanded me into a tripwire before.

Oh, and if you could fix that client freeze at the first tripwire, bonus points.

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I don’t think this is related to terminal d at all, I’ve seen people reporting an issue where the new “can’t queue while dead” check goes off if you’ve not changed zones since your last death.

As an aside though, you can just jump straight up in the air near the first tripwire to trigger the freeze and avoid dying. :v:

Hi Svella, thank you very much for your report. I can confirm this is an issue our development team is currently investigating. Changing zones (to any zone) should allow you to queue normally, in the meantime. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Terminal D continues to give.