Pick up followers + place crafters as fighters

You should be able to pick up followers (fighters, pets, horses) without losing their level and then store them for another day. This would go well with the follower cap. People can then store any leveled up followers for a rainy day.

In addition to this you should be able to place any crafter thrall down as a fighter. You can then dress them up however you like, pick them up and place them in a bench. Or if you want let them be as a fighter, sucky fighter of course.

This would improve the game a whole lot if you implemented this.

EDIT: just want to clarify that I assume it would work like the pickup mod does, with the exception that the picked up thralls don’t have any starting gear or weapons after you place them down again, so you can’t get obsidian or starmetal weapons from nothing. Also when you pick up a thrall all the gear the thrall is carrying is placed in your inventory.
There would have to be an exception with crafter thralls so that they retain the look in the benches.


Unfortunately waybto exploitable on pvp and possibly with the new incoming transfer character update. If they could figure a way to not have it exploitable, I could back it.

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Not sure what your definition of an exploit is. Being able to pick up a follower does change the gameplay but honestly I don’t know how it can be exploited.

I’ve played on a server with a pickup mod where you could pick up followers. This was really nice when you needed to change base locations, you could run away with more than just one follower.

On raids people would pickup a few fighters and then have 3-4 guard the raidbase/vault.

I don’t know…door camping…you know move your 100 followers in front of npc camps to massacre easier…exploit is not always cheating. It is sometimes working around intended mechanics with an “easy” button. plus have you heard of duping. Be able to level 1 purge fighter then do a dupe truck and now I have 200.

You played on a private mod server…that is where this mechanic should stay imo.

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Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have this for PVE. But @biggcane55 is right about the PVP ramifications.

Abused or exploited, pick your favorite word, but it would definitely allow you to circumvent the limitation of having only one follower (plus a mount) follow you. Want to bring your thrall army to a raid? Pick them all up, put them in your inventory, run towards your staging area, plop them all back down again.

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I thought you couldn’t place a thrall anywhere you couldn’t build? If that’s still the case you’d have to place all those thrall outside the bounds of enemy camp/dungeon, playerbase. And being you can only get 1 to follow you to the objective, it seems kind of redundant. As far as I can see (Been a long while since I’ve been on official, so please correct me if I’m wrong). Either way, if this can be exploited it would be a no go.

Correct. It’s still an easy way to bring all of them together, as close as you can get them, at the same time. If you had to run back and forth all the time, then it would give your enemies more time to spot them and react.

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Ah ok, so you would be able to get them close enough to run them each to the objective. Probably not a good idea to allow that, but it would be a grand(If laggy) sight!

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I believe they are implementing a follower cap, so this would harmonize nicely with that.

Why in the world you think it’s easy to move 100 followers is beyond me. Also you would always be just outside of range of NPC camps with the placement.

You forgot to pick up your followers? Good. I’ll just pick them off one by one then :smiley:

Is it outside of raidtime? Nice, I’ll use your followers then to kill the PvE elements for me.

I’ll repeat: yes it changes the gameplay but in no way is this exploitable.

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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Have them expire and lower the timer every time one is added to the inventory.

1 thrall 1 min
2 thralls 30 sec
3 thralls 15 sec

Have them disappear from the inventory when going through an obelisk or maproom.

It’s obvious none of you have actually played on a competitive server with pickup mod where you could pick up your followers. This is not as powerful as you think it is.

Let’s assume you want to “exploit” this to the fullest. How would that go? We can imagine an attack on an enemy base or as biggcane55 suggests, door camping.

How many do you pick up at the same time, 5? 10? 20? You would have to have all of their gear on you as well. Then place them down one at a time, in hostile territory, and then gear them up. One. At. A. Time. All the while risking that an enemy player will come at you, kill you, and steal all of the picked up thralls and their gear. It’s for sure you need to have encumbrance build if you are picking up more than 2-3 so you are easy pickings for anyone that has decent gear and a horse.

Where would you place the thralls if you attack an enemy base? You have to place them a good distance away because the land is claimed. So it’s obvious you can’t use them for offense, but you can use them as a fallback position. Meanwhile your enemy, who can also pick up thralls, could do the same and place their thralls around your raid base. It’s risky of course because you could kill said enemy and take those thralls. But if it’s an actual raid base the land is claimed and your enemy can’t place it’s thralls close enough for a thrall war. In any case you don’t want to place a thrall close because at placement the thrall is naked and you have to stand there and gear the thrall up, all the while that thrall might run off naked and try to punch an enemy. You might also be under fire, poison arrows, acid arrows etc.

I’ve been on a highly competitive PvP server with the pickup mod (this was back in 2019) and everyone tried to exploit anything as much as possible. All thralls had throwing axes and could kill you in two swings. Even then, being able to pick up thralls had very little effect. Nobody would bring more than 2-4 thralls with them in a raid. It was pointless because the extra thralls are only for defense.

With the recent changes thralls do 50% less damage to players AND you have to actually level each thrall up for it to be any good. Back then you just collected the Captain or Berserkers and they were good to go.

Door camping? Please. If it’s raid time I’ll kill all your thralls, just pick them off at a distance. If it’s not raid time I’ll just walk past them. The time it takes me to kill one of your thralls is a tiny fraction of the time you spent building that thrall up. No matter what kind of thrall or what kind of gear they have.

Exploitable? I think not.

PS. the inventory only has 200 slots and you need 7 slots for each follower (follower x1, weapon x1 and armor x5). So you could only pick up 28 at the same time + their gear. If you had the time to convert, train (level) and gear up that many thralls AND the balls to actually carry them all with you knowing that somebody could steal them off you. Then you deserve to reap the rewards from the damage they cause!!!

and now add a clan of 5 and say again that it is not an issue to pickup thralls

and a bit more technical aspects to this topic:
currently it is not possible to save the needed data (level, stats, perks, …) into the game item, the item you have in your inventory. so funcom has to add a complete new system for such data and only for pickup thralls… not very likely. also not absolute unlikely but the investment compared to the benefit is very very high

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Please tell me how that changes anything?

Please be specific. How can you exploit this?

What would you do?

multiply your number with 5 and say again that this is not an issue and btw. I use the term issue for a good reason. if the game allows pickup it’s not an exploit but the possibilities are… are real issue. more power for bigger clans.

such a system would only make sense with additional restrictions. pickup cooldown of 120 minutes, placeabel only on own landclaim,… but this will also add more effort to the topic and makes it even more unlikely

There are already good restrictions in place or coming.

  1. Thrall limit, which I believe is going to be 50?
  2. Thrall damage to players is 50%, recent update.
  3. You can’t place on claimed land, that is enough.

Any additional restrictions are pointless because the ability to pick up your thralls and place them is not as powerful as you think.

Doesn’t matter how many are in a clan. Multiplying the numbers has no effect on weather this is exploitable or not.

I doubt that it’s that difficult. They just have to copy the pickup mod.

Worst case, you lose all levels of your picked up thrall. That could be the deciding restriction.

No, not if they implement a follower cap.

last status: it will be higher than the initial number

not really relevant compared to the scenario that you only can have 1 follower per player

i believe this alone is far too little restriction and opens the door to trolls and abuse. placing the thralls around a new players base at the landclaim limit… happy trolling

it is very powerful

again: an ISSUE. I never used exploit. a simple pickup implementation is an ISSUE

i doubt that this is what the players would expect. level 1 with some random stats and new perks?