Need ability too pick up placed thralls

Since a culling is coming where we can only have 50 thralls I think it would be nice too be able to pick up already placed thralls preferably before this new patch comes out. I don’t like the idea of losing leveled thralls

Tio explitable, and the fact players are still leveling more than what has been reported as a possible cap number on officials, really falls on the player(s). This change has been in the making for 4 months. So again, that was more than enough time to prep properly, and not hope Funcom changed the number.


How is it exploitable?
I mean I get people will store hundreds of level 20 thralls and get them out when needed but thats pretty much the same way it is now the only thing that would be exploitable is being able to give them level 20 thralls too other players which is easily fixed by once a thrall is leveled it is clan capped.

Uh, because storing of stuff is way to easy on the game. And being able to pick up a group of thralls, then place at obbs during raid hours would be way to easy to obb camp. Imagine a clan has 100 level 20 thralls. Pre raid i pick up each and every one of them. then i go about to each obbie, and place 10 thralls at each one (except UC). I then just bounce around obbs collecting mats. Trolls are smart you know. Give them a tool, they will make a way to kill off player base even more.

On top of that, i could place 100 level 20’s outside of your base and raid you. If i was able to get in, pick up each and every one after, then body vault for another time. Again, placed fighters and archers should be finite resources that will sometimes have to be replaced as they are killed off.

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It’s been heavily discussed several (several) times. Don’t feel like rehashing it again, but here is the short short version. Picking up Thralls will let you reset their stats, we know this because we have mods that do this, and the author of one of said mods had chimed in also several times. The only way for them not to have their stats reset is to change the way their information is stored, and that would be highly expensive. Very unlikely and not feasible.

It’s time to accept the limit is coming, best prepare yourself for losing followers now.


Thats fair enough for PVP but what about PVE and PVE-C nice thralls and bases are 90% of the game

What’s the point in having an RNG leveling system, and hunting for new followers, if all you do is pick them up and reset their stats again? If you want that, might as well play single player and admin yourself infinite followers until you get the stats that you want.

As I’ve said, pretty much every angle of this conversation has been had, and then some. I have no desire to continue exploring this. If you want to be able to pick up followers , there are mods available for your use.

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I never said anything about resetting there stats that would be completely pointless, I said should be able to pick up already placed thralls so you don’t lose them, I understand that the game is changed to fit PVP and the devs don;t give a damn about PVE-C and PVE and so these changes are being done too benefit PVP and PVE doesn’t matter

It wont come if you go unofficial all I see is a lot of people leaving official servers

Read my first response to this thread again…

yes I remember what you said but my whole point is that PVE and PVE-C are a different game style to PVP and doesn’t generally follow the same rules, they are basically hurting PVE and PVE-C too benefit PVP and that is not fair.

I had a thought: What if you could knock out a thrall you aleady “own”, and go through the whole wheel of pain routine all over again. It would still be a hassle, but it would at least eliminate the painful search for specific professions, types or looks.

I’ll pass on a higher level if I like the looks of another one. 2s, 3s, named - a dime a dozen, but since you can’t change the look, thats kind of priceless.

This was possible (at least in PvP). People restored legendary weapons with that and were able to “hide” god tokens. So it was heavily abused for sth not intended by Funcom.

The root problem OP and you are having: You want to store the thralls because of their unique looks or because it was rare and only have 1.

But the “abusers”: would place the thrall so often, until it has the best grow chance, without hunting a new one. And Funcom doesnt want that.

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For me its more I lay PVE-C and I get attached you send many many hours with your thralls

I understand that most in this thread, want to pick up thralls for “saving/storing” them…

But the thrall in chest, doesnt have stat. So it will always be reseted, when placed new. And that can be abused…

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