Thrall Pickup mods or admin mode with new Thralls

To modders and devs, Two questions:

  1. With the new Thrall system, if you pickup a previously deployed thrall or pet, then place it again, will it’s leveling be reset to zero?

  2. Will picking up a legacy thrall or pet, then replacing it convert it to the new thrall type? I suspect yes, since we can tame thralls and pets now, put in storage, then deploy after the new system to get new type thralls.

Thank you.

Not sure what you are asking exactly. If you are asking modders to predict how the existing pick up systems work for something that is still a month or more away from even being in the dev kit, that is impossible.

Probably. When you do a pickup of an item (or pet or thrall), you are technically destroying the actor or static mesh that is in the world, and telling the game to regenerate the item in your inventory +1. Probably safe to assume that since Followers in chests will gain the new leveling code on placement, the same will happen if you “pick-up” (destroy) the Legacy Follower, and place the new one down again.

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Ok, that was my assumption. So most likely the answer is the same for both questions. I imagine it will complicate the pickup feature considerably. It is a great luxury to have pickup, but certainly not a requirement. But, the ability to pick up all my old pets and thralls AFTER the new system starts, then redeploy them as new versions will be pretty sweet and save a ton of thralling time.

The pick up function in Better Thralls will give you a workaround for your old Thralls making them compatible with the new leveling system. If you use this mod you should pickup all your Thralls and Pets before the upcoming Funcom update and store them in chests. After the update you can place them again on the map , then they will be able to level as intended. Testerle will deactivate this pick up function after the update because it will be exploitable as you described.

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from my discord server (Testerles Conan Exiles Mods):

Better Thralls after the thrall leveling patch or the future of thrall/pet pickup

With the announced thrall leveling system and the informations from the last dev stream (see Developer Stream Recap: November 7th, 2019 for the stream recap) I have to rethink at least on of my current features: thrall/pet pickup.

I doubt the current implementation will work with the new thralls but it should be possible to pickup the legacy (old) thralls and place them down again as new thralls when the patch hits the servers. thats a good option to save existing legacy thralls and keep them valid in the new system. That’s fine and definitive a feature I will keep active for some time after the patch. Later on I will remove it for one simple reason: clean code. After some time no one will have legacy thralls and without legacy thralls we did not need the feature to pick them up.

Lets talk about pickup for the new thralls. The one with stats and growth chances. Will I add a pickup feature for the new thralls? Maybe not… but why?

The way the new leveling system is implemented makes it very exploitable to allow thrall pickup. Place down a thrall, check the random generated stats and growth chance and if you did not like what you get than pickup the thrall and re-place it… that’s exactly what I not want to support. Removing a key feature of the new system. The random factor of the stats system. Catching one thrall and do the place-pickup loop until you have the values you want sounds not like something I want to support. On the other side if you are on a single player game it did not hurt. It’s the same with the current pickup implementation of damaged thralls. On single play it’s on you if you want it or not. On a server it’s not a good idea to allow pickup of damage thralls and replace the thrall at full health.

Conclusion: I’m not sure if I add pickup for the new thralls to Better Thralls and if I add it it’s at least off by default with a big red warning to not activate it if you are on a server. So don’t expect pickup for new thralls directly after the leveling patch. I will definitive wait some time and see what’s the demand is.

so yes I will deactivate/remove the legacy pickup code but not with the update (see above) and the exploitable part is what I see for the new system and not for the old one.


But what about pets? When we pick up pets today it looks that they have just another ID than those we get from pens, don’t they? They do not have timers, and it seems to me that we can not return them into pen to produce.

this question has nothing to do with the topic here.

it’s much more the question why my mod does something like it does. answer: because it’s easier. if i handle pets like thralls i don’t need any extra code. one implementation works for thralls and pets and yes it is intended.

nevertheless, the conversion from an old pet to a new pet should work without any problems. like with a thrall


Thank you for the detailed discussion regarding your mod. The pickup feature really makes managing thralls and pets so much better than vanilla game offers. It will be sad to see it go, but I completely understand the need for it to go. Imagine acidentally picking up a near perfect and fully leveled thrall, then replacing it with terrible stats and level 0.

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