Keep your old thralls

I don’t want to upset the developers, with this post, but I do want to help other players.

If you have a collection of Thralls, Pets, Followers that you don’t want to lose due to this update, I’ve found that the mod Pickup+ worked great for converting my existing thralls (from before this latest update).

I only performed this process on a non-modded Vanilla game, in the Singleplayer / Co-Op mode, but I heard from a friend that this was performed successfully in a Online Private server.

Installed the mod, and restarted my server.
Followed the mod instructions to convert Thralls and Pets.
Removed the mod from my server.
Every newly placed Follower functioned flawlessly, just like a newly captured Follower.

I do wish that Funcom provided this solution in this release, as they have the know-how, but why should the players not try to preserve their investment of time and their labor of love? Give it a try.

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