I Cannot pick up my pets



I have pets on my server (Private server/Survival Servers) It gives me a couple options. Move/Guard. I have mods yes, but on suggestion last night I removed them and ran vanilla and still cannot pick them up. Is anyone else here on Survival servers and are you having the same issue?

Either with or without I still cannot pick them up. Nor can I kill them, they take no damage whatsoever. Also, are they supposed to move at all? mine just stay stationary. If this intended that’s ok, just asking because as I said I cannot pick them up so I don’t know what other behaviours mine have that are/are not normal.


They are deployed fighter thralls now, you cannot pick them up back into your inventory. You can put them in the fridge from your inventory though. Cryogenics conan.


You should be able to put an adult pet that you have placed in the world on “follow” and also use the “move” option just like you can with thralls.
The pets should take damage (and hence can die) when you take them into combat with something.


To clarify: You can pick up and move a deployed pet. You cannot pick up and put it back in your inventory however.

If by “pick-up” you meant putting it away, that is indeed not possible because it would cause a lot of coding issues.

Some questions about the pets update
Cannot Pick up pets

Thanks for clarification. Too bad, I found myself with two pets in the middle of nowhere and had to decide which one to take and which one to leave. That made me sad, though I came back for the other. Now the coding explanation makes sense I guess, so we’ll have to live with that. Time for modders to step in maybe? :wink:


I can totally understand that, wouldn’t want to have to choose either!
I feel that our amazing mod community could probably come up with something :slight_smile:


I use a Mod called Pickup+ which actually allows us to pick up Thralls already placed out in world and put them back in inventory. The issue with not being able to pick up pets and do the same is once they are in world, they are in world and you cannot remove them in any way. That becomes a problem if many are placed out and it becomes an issue with loading into certain places. Maybe that mod will update to include pets and we will be able to pick them up.

I also cannot kill them, or get rid of them in any way, even as server owner. What I had to do was one by one put them on follow and then take them into combat on god mod and get them killed by NPCs, problem there is where they were placed was a little far from anything, but I got it done.

P.S. I <3 You guys at Funcom, the game is amazing and so much fun to play!


I really, am not crazy LOL honest…


What is your issue again? You’re aware that being able to pick up pets is not a supported feature, right?

And if it’s provided by a mod (Pickup+) you should ask the mod creator to support pets.


The problem I see is with how the game considers objects and thralls differently in properties, objects beeing pickable but thralls not. Would it be possible to add the pickable property to thralls (and pets as they have similar behaviour) without breaking anything else in the process?


I think - think - it’s largely a design problem (or decision, rather), that is: it’s technically possible, but due to reasons of immersion, balance and/or possible exploitative behavior, Funcom has decided you should not be allowed to do this.

While it’s an inconvenience at times (moving bases is a giant undertaking, this compounds it), I am okay with the choice. I mean for me personally I’d like to be able to pick them back up, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t feel strongly about it.

In the past this has led to numbers of “lower quality” thralls left behind if a player upped sticks, adding to the numbers of orphaned/abandoned thralls, but those will slowly start dying off (on my server some have gone, some are still left).


what I meant by that was, I knew it was possible and didn’t realize until after that it was the pickup+ that was allowing us to do so. Once they updated the mod it was possible again. Although, I was told repeatedly that I should be able to pick them up, this without the mods. But still, I wanted to be able to get rid of the ones spawned as they were causing a lot of lag (there were many) and needed a way to get rid of them without having them follow you all around the map, one by one.

I meant I am not crazy as in, I knew there was a way, but everyone posting here seemed to think I had lost my mind lol


Fair enough. The great thing about losing your mind is that whether it’s true or not, everyone else will tell you that you have, and you can’t tell the difference :stuck_out_tongue:


as server admin you can also simply delete them by command ^^


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