Picts Vs Darfari, Blood War: [RP PvP event] on 'Zamboula in the Exiled Lands' July 18th to 20th

A tribal stone age warfare event, as the Picts and Darfari go into a blood feud on ZEL from July 18th to 20th. (00:00 the 18th, to 23:59 the 20th, PST)

Normally a RP PvE server, ZEL will go RP PvP for the length of this event, and also allow higher ping times and regions outside North America, except Asia.

Guidelines are as follows (In case of disputes unable to be resolved amicably between players, message me here on the forums).

1, No weapons more advanced than what can be handcrafted, i.e., primarily Darfari and stone weapons.
2, No armors beyond leather.
3, Roleplay before attacking is NOT required, however, taking captives for roleplay purposes is strongly encouraged.

Only rule for the event, non Darfari and Pict characters, and/or using non tribal weaponry and armor during the event to engage in PvP against those participating in the event will be ejected from the server.

Server will be wiped after the event ends, so please DO NOT invest too much time and effort into making, leveling a character, and building unless you are fine with this.

I do not have a PS, but I love this idea. I hope it goes well.

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Let us know how it goes. A interesting Idea.

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