PING 9999 still not fixedu

I send an Email to Zendesk almost on a daily basis!!! Why do G-Portal server keep going PING 9999???

I know you will say … please submit a ticket … blah blah! … I am getting tired of submitting a ticket!!! Why do the PvE servers keep going PING 9999? Server 1522.

Fix this … It has been over 6 years … and no fix … fix please!!!


Trying really hard to not say bad things about FUNCOM and G-Portal but … Servers are crap!!! Please fix! 6 years later and they still crap!!! FIX!

Thank you!

Yes I know the “Community will delete my post!!!” Hoping someone of importance will see it before that happens!!! Fix first , don’t delete first!!!


Yes I know what people will say … “Stop playing the game … it is crap … servers are crap … stop playing!” … but I am trying to see if they fix servers instead of still CENSOREDWORD us after 6 years … so …

No fix?

Not submitting a ticket … Soooo tired of submitting tickets daily … sometimes twice daily … tired!!!

Whatever you do … DO NOT TOUCH Frank Herberts IP!!! You are gonna mess it all up!!! … If you still can’t fix Conan … what makes you think you can handle Herbert’s IP!?

Sad. Over 6 years … still not fixed … servers still suck … still not fixed … why would we think things would be better in DUNE?

Fix NOW to show us you care!!! Please fix servers … they still crap! … Thank you!

Or Just delete this post yet again without fixing … DELETE!

Whatever …

I AM BEING DELETED!!! Problem solved delete by community but problem is not solved!!!

I think it may be a good time to take a break from Conan. You don’t seem very happy with the game.

I am all out of energy … whether I am positive or negative about this game makes no difference. LOL … I guess I am focusing my anger on Coanan Exiles because I am actually trying to play this game. Truth is … most “Games as a Service” are crap … not just Conan. It is like … Game Release Date!!! Thanks for buying it! Now … we have 20 years to fix things! Bear with us! The sign of the times!

Sorry if I seem harsh! I guess 6 years to fix servers is not justifiable. I should give them 20 years. Okay … let’s see if the servers are better 20 years from now. :slight_smile:

I hope FUNCOM is not paying for these online servers! They are getting robbed!!! Robbed!

For what it’s worth. Players and what they build don’t help server performance.

Excessive Walls
Excessive Foundations
Excessive Torches

The fault isn’t completely on Funcom

If you have this issue consistently, I know you don’t want to hear this, but the issue is probebly on your end.
This info is your connection, is any one else having issues connecting to that server? Can you connect to other servers?
If you have this issue consistently, it’s you and neither funcom nor Gportail can fix an issue on your end.

If 99.999% of players are not having the issue, the issue isn’t the game. The issue is on your end and can be any where from your comp right to where you access the internet. Plenty of cables and plugs between the 2 to be bad, could be router, modem, wifi, your service…

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:brazil: pc servers
Existe 3 formas de resolver o problema :thinking:

1 Confira com sua operadora onde é realmente a cidade de conexão em seguida altere em sua steam

2 Se todos estão OFF então o problema é dentro da g-portal portanto somente entrando em contato com zendesk e aguardar mas recomendo que as pessoas que estão no servidor também comente aqui e envie o reporte para o suporte para não perder suas bases

3 Elimine qualquer uso de VPN “Recomendo não usar VPN”

So … It’s my fault? I never have any issues with any other games I play on Steam or direct from their Launchers. No other game has crappy and laggy servers. But ok … if the game is laggy … IT IS OUR FAULT. If they patch something new and suddenly you lag … IT IS YOUR FAULT. If everyone on the server is constantly typing in chat … “Lag is so bad!” … It is our fault! … Okay. So I will stop paying for the best internet and the top of the line computer each year … cause … they all will suck … not the servers! Everyone that complains about server lag … IT IS THEIR FAULT.

And yes!!! I can play every other game and connect to every other server flawlessly!!! That is why I am complaining!

In fact … I will gladly take screenshots every time someone on the server says “Man … lag is bad” to show you it is not just me … but you wont believe me … you already have your mind made up … You believe FUNCOM can do no wrong … Okay … whatever …

Did not expect my post to get anything resolved … and it didn’t … waste of time again!

I am about to log in and try to play … let’s see what happens …

Have a happy day!!!

Ooooo my main server is up and running … my secondary one … well see for yourself …

Ping 9999 … which is my fault! Right? I don’t care about the secondary one atm … I just wanna play on the main server …

So it is my fault that my main server is up and running and working fine atm … and my fault and at my end that my secondary server is PING 9999. My fault … problem is at my end … Ok …

You know what … I am just gonna go play … and if I lag all to hell … I wont bother posting it cause … it is our fault … not the server. Ok …


Just stop and think for a second. If the problem was the game EVERYONE would have the same issue and the forum would be flooded with threads about it.

Do you know what a self fulfilling prophesy is?

I’m not saying that at present there isn’t desync issues, or when ch2 was dropped people didn’t experience a lot of lag issue. But most of the issues were solved. R
right now an overwhelming majority of players are not having your problem.

But if you have been having this issue so consistently for so long I have to ask just how far from the server are you? And do you think that might be an issue.

And it really does no good to compare how well different games run for you. The beta of Vein, set to ultra runs at 80± fps for me. Enshrouded no matter how low I set my graphics runs at 25± fps.

If all the other games you’re not having issue with were in the same content, country, state or province, city, server then you could compare them. Other wise they have nothing in common. You might as well be comparing mountain bikes and surf boards.

Direct connect.

You know what … i just played the game for 2 hours … everything worked flawlessly … that was my fault! The reason the game worked flawlessly and the servers worked like they were supposed to … was my fault!

And the fact that no other game I play online … on any other servers and have no lag or disconnect issues has nothing to do with it!

I have actually tried different internet providers … different computers … Hell I have 5 gaming computers sitting against my living room wall … paid a lot of money to upgrade to hope this game plays better … but it never did.

And what the F do you mean no one complains about server lag??? OMG!!! Go read the forums!!!

You live in your own fake world. by the way … how many hours do you have playing Cona Exiles? Do you actually play the game or just do damage control in the forums?

Here is my play time …


Post your time on Conan.

Okay … delete justified. Lol.

Yep can confirm… The servers are unresponsive on a daily basis… It goes away after enough many tries but its always there.

Currently Im not even playing because of other bugs but the 9999 ping issue has never went anywhere. Its like the server is in sleep mode and then takes a long while to boot up.

Okay Deacon … let’s assume that … 20 people playing on the server all suddenly get disconnected … not because the server went down but because everyone … ALL 20 … just suddenly got the same exact issue ON THEIR ENDS … all with different computers … different ISP’s … different parts of the world … because the problem is on their end not the server …

How do we fix this? What do I need to do so this does not happen again? If the problem is not the server but, on our ends … what is happening on our ends and how do we stop it from happening again?

Ask and you shall receive!!! What is the solution if it is not the server?

There being an issue between you and the server isn’t your fault.
You’re making your self sound petty.

Can you read?

You need to step back and take a chill pill before you come at me.
I have over 6K hour in Conan exiles and have played since it dropped.
I’ve all the DLCs.
And if you think I do damage control for funcom you obviously don’t actually read the forum.
I’m one of the forum’s biggest funcom nay sayers. funcom fanatics have me blocked because they don’t want to read me running down funcom.

Ok no which is it


Can’t be both.

Please show me all these threads from this week that are about server lag. Good luck with that they stopped with the ch2 hot fix.

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It sounds like the only issue here is the bug that has plagued the server list since its inception: the 9999 bug.

That’s it. That’s all.

This overzealous OP can simply bypass the ping issue by direct connecting to the server since they’re on PC. Voila. Problem solved without having to overload Zendesk and popping a few blood vessels.

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Greetings Exile,

Please follow the stated on the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket. Make sure to select “Official server performance” as the issue type.:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

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