Ping Issue since last patch

Game mode: | Online private |
Type of issue: | Performance |
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE]
Region: EU

Since the last patch, my server’s ping goes up by 100-400 after maybe 30-60 minutes of play. This could be due to player count tho we havent hit the dreaded 40 mark outside of events. So still occurs around 20-30 players being online. Tho my American players say it happens regardless during off peak.

Talking to other server owners on discords, every server is apparently having the same issue, as well as newly built or newly wiped servers.

Is Funcom aware? Is there a fix in progress?

Or has anybody managed to solve it, I have tried a few things with firewalls and port numbers but nothing has an affect that I have tried so far.

Hi @SongMao, our team is currently looking into this matter, if you’re able to provide any sort of logs or additional information regarding your private server’s setup please do so in the thread below, thanks!


Thankyou Hugo!

I was not 100% sure if it was a host problem or a client issue.

Is there anything specific you are looking for in the logs? Have tried Dedicated Launcher version 48 and went back to 47 but the problem persists.

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Any warning or error message should allow our tool developer in that thread to provide further insight on any possible issues.

We’d also recommend reading through the initial post for further troubleshooting information, as well as browsing the latest posts from other users, as they may also contain useful information or workarounds for common issues.

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Theres lots of errors some from way before there were any problems and some from Mods that are running on our server, which ultimately have no bearing on the “ping issue”

Is there something specific or a phrase I can search for that would be useful to you?

This sort of stuff happens a lot, for example

So does this.

very very occasionally we get these but I think this is just those players who are unfortunate to have a poor performing ISP

As it was suggested above, please provide any additional information and a log in the following thread, as our developer in there may be able to provide further insight and assistance:

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Sorry, I didnt want to spam in there, unless that’s the kind of information you were looking for :frowning:

having same issue on american servers, higher pings than normal. servers I use to play on I can no longer get on based on high ping. I spent over an hour on my internet ■■■ tech support trying to see if its my internet but 256 mbps down load not likely. I’m in proper region and Great IP address etc. last patch your game just went to crap. Hoping you fix it but honestly I’m about to uninstall and move on. Thinking this is not getting fixed

it was not a fix but outright sabotage
no ping, no players, no rcon listen-player more
LogRcon:Display: Rcon Client PeerAddr: ■■■.■■■.163.110:55129 connected.
LogRcon:Warning: Closing connection with PeerAddr: ■■■.■■■.163.110:55129
LogRcon:Display: Rcon Client PeerAddr: ■■■.■■■.163.110:55129 disconnected.

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