[PL/EU] Bractwo Ognia [PVP] [START 01.09] - Conan Exiles Server (prestart is open today)


☆ Server name: [PL/EU] Bractwo Ognia [PVP] [START 01.09]

☆ Server IP address:

☆ Server will be Age of Sorcery ready when update is out

☆ Number of slots: 45, if the server is full there is an option to increase it to 50

☆ Tick rate: 35 sfps, so NPCs have greater fluidness of movement and actions on the server.

☆ Server specification: 1 GB/s download 100 MB/s upload.

Intel i7-11700K (8 core 16 thread processor, max. 5,6 GHz), 32GB DDR4 3700 MHz, NVMe 3,2 GB

☆ Exp & Harvest Amount: x2

☆ God Avatars: disabled

☆ BattleEye: enabled

☆ Server time zone: GMT +2

☆ Daily restart: 6 am

☆ PVP: enabled

☆ PVP Building Damage Allowed: Tue, Thu 8 pm to 9 pm & Sat, Sun 8 pm to 10 pm

Today server is open for pre-start where you can claim your favorite piece of map for official server start :slight_smile: You can check also full server settings. On discord you can suggest changes to them before 1st September.

For more info like when server is up or restarting please join our discord server: Link is in server welcome message.

We have since 1st September new ip address: