Place Rough Wraps at the top of the crafting menu

This is a frequently use feat and appears near the bottom of the crafting menu. Please move it near the top with twine, silk, etc.

Even in the end game I use a lot of these, specially when fighting Grey Ones. If my character is down 10-15%, it takes too long for the sated buff to heal to full, so I use a rough wrap to top off my hp.

This QoL improvement would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure of the button on Xbox or pc but on ps you press l3 and it cycles through a few different craftable menus. One of them only has the wraps and aloe extract which makes it super quick and easy to get to.


Bedrolls too please!


And the other usual stuff such as torch and campfire. I often forget to bring food with me to my adventures :laughing:

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