Move The Bedroll(s) To The Top Row Of The Handcrafting Menu

As simple as the title suggests. For me Bedrolls (especially the rawhide bedroll) would have to be one, if not the single most frequently created item in the Handcrafting menu. Could we please have them moved to the top row like the Twine and Silk icons…?


That would be a great idea. Rawhide bedroll has to be one of the hardest things for me to find. Having all Dlc causes a real mess to sort thru

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I’d love it if you could sort the crafting menu to your liking. It’s annoying having to scroll all the way down and look for things. It woild be so convenient if you could customize it yourself. Incidentally the same would be great for crafting stations, not just the handcraft menu.


If you keep it in your hotbar, can’t you craft it on demand? Granted, it’s annoying to tie up one of only eight hotbar slots that way, but if you do craft it as often as that?

On PC we have the option of searching for crafting recipes by name, which is slightly cumbersome but quite efficient when you get used to it. How or why that is not available on consoles is beyond me, but then consoles really are the red-headed step children of CE (no offense, just going by what I see).

Yes, or have a favorites bar in crafting for the 10-15 things you make all the time.
I’d like to be able to able hide or second page the items I don’t use.


Yeah a favourites bar is a great idea peoples. A row or two seperated above the regular items, much like a T3 or T4 craftsmans unique knowledge/recipe tiles. Its tricky to spot this often crafted item while scrolling down the list. Another one which I would put on the favourites bar or top row would be the Campfire, as I often cook on the fly.

Or just add tabs to crafting menus in general.

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Seriously? Who uses a bedroll past level 20?

If you need to make a bedroll, make it before you head out to where you’re going, then use custom sort and place it in your inventory where you want it.

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Umm…virtually everyone. People who dont want to respawn in their Bed or in the Deep Desert starting area if they die? Especially if they are on the other side of the map and dont want to have to spend more time than they need to travelling back there again? Or people who are fighting bosses/world bosses, and dont want their opponents health bar to be full again by the time they get back there?

In short, I would wager the vast majority of the player base.


What you don’t have maprooms? I can be in the b14 and get to the underwater city in 3 minutes. No reason to have a bedroll taking up precious inventory space.

You can’t lay bedrolls in claimed land, Boss areas or in dungeons so that excuse is mute.

If you die, just spawn in bed, jump into your maproom and be back in the fight in moments.

Seriously. I got killed by New Azgarth, spawned in bed, traveled to Black Keep obelisk, ran across the freezing cold bridge all while butt naked. I located my body and I was back in the fight in less than 3 min.

Bedrolls are for players without beds, low-level, low-skilled players IMHO.

No one in my clan uses them anymore.

If you don’t have a maproom…different story. Make a home base maproom.

i always make a few stack of bed rolls and keep them in a wooden chest near my door.
i got into the habit to check this " going out " chest for simple things i might need when i leave. when i think of it i make a few and then just store them.
p.s…by the time i am ready to go out i can carry maybe 1 more item :slight_smile: its like packing for vacation…i take everything including the kitchen sink.


Wow, you are certainly very rude mannered and elitist in the way you interact with other members arent you. So because you personally dont use Bedrolls or see value in them noone else should…!?

Oh how dreadful my friend, 2kg of inventory weight, in exchange for a more convenient spawn point of my own choosing, and that weight is gone as soon as I place it. Not all trips from a Maproom are 3 mins or less, and with the Bedrolls I can be back at my destination in less than 30 seconds rather than 3-10 mins. Tell me this is somehow worse…

Actually there are small patches in most of the dungeons just big enough to lay a Bedroll. For example, in the Midnight Grove and the Sunken City. Im happy to provide you with some screenshots if you require further convincing. But since you dont ‘use them’, I can see why you wouldnt be aware of that.

Moments you say…!? Sure if your destination is right next to the obelisk. Tell you what, Ill drop a Bedroll next to the door to the Witch Queens palace, beside the Well of Skelos, or directly alongside the gate of New Asgaarth, you take the Maproom, and we will see who arrives first. I can also place one mere metres away from a World Boss, and be back fighting in literally less than 30 seconds.

Sooo…Bedrolls are only for noobs and and the unskilled hey!? Oh very macho. Yeaahhh bedrolls are only for puny weaklings; real men dont need Bedrolls!

If you do not like or percieve the value in something that is fine. But please dont ridicule or belittle others just because they choose to use it.


Inquiry of high interest, are the patches you mentioned the exact same size by any chance?

I am honestly not sure Fable. I have never actually tried to build anything other than a Bedroll there. I have certainly not tried to build actual structures. But for some examples: in Midnight Grove there is a couple of spots near the blue energy gates just before the bosses. And in Sunken City I like to place one on the partially unsubmerged roof of one of its underwater buildings.

Its funny you should mention that Shadoza, I thought I was seeing a trend towards this recently too. I certainly hope it doesnt continue. If we dont agree with someone elses point of view that is fine, by all means disagree. But there is no need to mock or ridicule them because of it. Speak to other members with the same level of respect you would if you were having a conversation in person.

Oh absolutely my friend, noone wants to have fleas! Its not a good look when trying to seduce another attractive barbarian, and we are perpetually scratching at them. Fleabane is sound investment.

Ps- I loved your idea of taking a tent with your Bedroll and Campfrire; great roleplaying!

With my question I was aiming at intentional design. If the patches are intentionally left there, question is for what reason. If we find one or even two or three patches before each entrance to a boss for example, then are these patches attempting to imply that the bosses can be challenging and that certain quantity of players need to be involved.

Then again what if they were merely forgotten? Personally I wager that this isn’t the case.

I actually dont have ANY permanent hotbar (item wheel for us) slots. Theyre all frequently interchangeable depending on the situation.

Ill level with you here Mikey. We do have a search option on consoles. But because the ‘keyboard’ appears on the screen, and we must select each letter one at a time with a cursor, its usually just quicker to just scroll down. Hardly game breaking, but it can be a bit of a pain in the loincloth at times. Although I could see how it would be much quicker to just type it on a (physical) keyboard on a PC though.

My logic is that I make Bedrolls more often than Silk. Twine is debateable. So why not move it to the top row with then? Maybe even the Campfire too. This would also assist new new players with navigating the menu too.

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Lol, I try to carry a stack of bedrolls with me. Really helps for all those fails jumping across lava… The crafting menu is a mess. Any improvement would be more then welcome. High use items like bedrolls deserve their spot at the top!

@Mikey and for that matter everyone I have a correction to make.

I was wrong. There is not NOT a search bar in the Handcrafting menu. It seems I was thinking of the misellaneous menu of the Feats category. :crazy_face: So to clarify, our only option is to scroll down manually. Apologies for the incorrect information.

The worse thing about Consoles not getting a search function is that the Admin Panel already HAS this feature, to sort through stuff.

You can tab through Other, Buildings, Gear, and one other. And type in an entry field above to sort to stuff with that name.

There is literally no reason whatsoever this should not be available to sort the excessively clutter crafting inventory.

It cannot be that difficult to copy something that already exists somewhere else, into this menu, with a button press to activate the search function.

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