Placed down new treasure coffer in base causing me to get kicked from the official server, unable to rejoin

I recently started playing on a pvp offices server on pc and just got round to building a base. I had just placed down the treasure coffer when the game froze for a second then immediately took me to the menu, I tried to rejoin the server and it loads in like normal however when it reaches the point of actually loading in, it takes me back to the menu. I have tried restarting my pc and game many times and I’m able to loads into my own worlds and other online servers, it’s just this one server where I placed the treasure coffer down that I can’t get into. Has anyone else had this issue?

We’re having the same problem tonight. It was fine on another server the other night but when we built the new one in our new rental server it kicks my husband and daughter but I stay. I have no idea what’s going on. As soon as I delete it they can come back in.

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