Placement on wedge shaped floors not working correctly

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc] bug
Region: [Here] US

I’m noticing two problems with placements…

It seems that the wedge shaped foundations and ceiling pieces have issue with placement of large items… For example… I can not place my map room nor my vault on a floor made entirely of wedge shaped ceiling pieces. Nor can I place them on a floor made entirely of wedge foundations. So far I’ve only ever managed to place a safe of square floor. Which is very frustrating as my base is otherwise completely round. The same thing happens with the wheel of pain. If your floor has wedge shapes in it then it will not allow you to place. (Even the lesser wheel of pain!)

Also… I’ve noticed that sometimes when you have an area with square and wedge ceilings if you try to put something on to it you are very restricted on the position.

I was trying to place a Mitra statue of guidance on an area that included a couple of square ceiling tiles and lots of wedge ones. The floor was more than large enough with no gaps or anything like that. When I lined it up perfectly it said I could not place it, but if I rotated it off a little to the left or the right… so that it looked utterly crap in my base… then it would let me place it.

I spend ages making sure things are lined up perfectly, and often after I place an item, even if it’s a little off I have to destroy it and build it again.

A ‘nudge’ structure option would be so good!

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. build a floor with foundation or ceiling pieces that include the wedge shapes
  2. try to place something on to it, rotate it around until you get a message saying you can not place it even though you should be able to. That’s probably the exact angle of rotation that I wanted it to be.


  1. Build a wedge floor with foundation or ceiling pieces.
  2. Try to put a map room, a safe or a wheel of pain on to it.

yep same problem,you probably won’t get a solution to this problem or any others for at least a month.

The big 500+ patch recently released on the PC platform is meant to address your issue. It might take some time before it gets to the Xbox platform.
A lot of PC players reported items placed on wedge foundations disappeared when the big 500+ patch was implemented… so take note and do not leave anything of importance on a wedge foundation when Funcom is indicating that the Xbox is having that patch certified for release.