Placement previews for female thralls have had their breast size standardized

Basic Info:

Platform: Epic Games Store
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1750
Mods: none

Bug Description:

Not necessarily a problem, but it’s a bug certainly.
Thralls held in placement preview appear to have had their breast size standardized at one specific default size. Note, this is only for the placement preview; when the thrall is actually placed, the breasts return to the size from when they were captured. Doesn’t matter if the size was below or above this default, and doesn’t matter if the thrall token is from pre-AoW.1 or post-AoW.1, happens regardless of the job type… even named thralls, infamous for being designed with undersized chests, have been affected. In fact, thought of this as I was typing, but it appears making already-placed thralls Stand Guard does this as well.
For example, Ionna the Seductress, Performer, the placed version next to the Stand Guard preview ‘standardized’ version…
Screenshot 2023-06-27 022227
(I dunno the nudity rules for screenshots on the forum so I turned it off)

Bug Reproduction:

Have a already-Wheel-of-Pain’d female thrall token,
move it to hotbar, press key for to begin placement,
notice somethings are not quite what you remember,
complete placement and notice they’ve gone back to normal.
Have already-placed female thrall,
hold Interact, select Stand Guard,
notice somethings are different from the twin right next to her,
complete Stand Guard and notice they’ve gone back to normal.

Take everyone but our boobs :scream:

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