Placing banners

Game mode: [Singleplayer]

it’s not the first time i encouter this issue and i haven’t seen any thread reporting it, so i just though i should.

Banners can be somehow very difficult and annoying to place where you want them to be placed, especially when you want the upper part of the banner (the flag maybe?) to face one specific direction.

The games decides that the upper part of the banner must be aligned / parrallel with the buildings pieces where it is placed on. i bet someone will explain this better than me, it’s not easy to describe for a foreigner.

i’ll post some screens to show what i’m refering to :

This is how i wanted to place my banner initially but the game doesn’t allow me to to so because of the upper part of the banner, which is not aligned / parralel with the ceiling placed on the ground.

And as you can see here, when i rotate the banner to make it more parralel to the the ceiling, then the game is finally happy :wink: and allow me to do so.

i don’t know how i should consider this… as an issue? as some lack of optimization? or as an intented mechanic from the devs?

Annyway after having driven my thralls crazy wondering what is she doing for 15 min long with a banner in her hand???!!! i finally sort of managed to get close to what i wanted, but i cannot deny it annoyed me a bit and i’m wondering if i’m just not simply missing something here.

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