Placing items issues (bed roll, campfire, boxes, etc) - OS 1414 - XBOX

Several of us were in OS 1414 and were having issues placing items, such as bedroll, campfire, and boxes.

We did not receive any messages or errors - such LAND CLAIMED, INVALID LOCATION, OVERLAPPING TERRAIN.

Same Problem with Beds and other Items on Xbox

I basically switched to a nomadic game play style. I only make what I can carry and I hope I get to my body if I get killed to retrieve the items. Although the last two times I died, one of the bodies was nowhere to be found and the other time my body (corpse) appeared underwater, which is not where i died and I was not able to retrieve my items either time. Of course, that forced me to make stone items so I could create iron items all over again. I am not even bothering with steel right now.