Planter names do not survive server reset

Online private & single player

No mods.

Renamed planters are defaulting to their crafted names on server reset. Relogging, restarting game, restarting computer has no effect on the name, but a server restart resets their name to the default.
In single player, the server resets upon relogging so the problem was evident.

I have not found any other container with the same symptoms.

  • Renamed planters

  • After server restart

I could not find any relevant difference between planter and large chest (which works fine) in the June 29 release of the itemtable in the devkit.



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I hadn’t even realized planters could be renamed. I usually only craft 1 per game and only grow grass in it for convenience.

The real issue with planters is that the decoration ones ( made in the artisan table ) have only the crude planter looks and there is no decorative improved , or normal planter . this leads to prefer having real ( non decorative ) planters as decorative planters since the improved will go better with the black ice builds , and the wodden with isolated wood builds ect … , and as each of the planters acts like an actual workbench , it induces a lot of stress for nothing , in my opinion , in terms of renderring . it’s been a long request to add more vegation features , but the real improvement we need for start is to change it so that real (non decorative ) planters wouldn’t have to be used as massively if you want a base with some green looking ( I speak about officials , so no mod to get around this ) areas , and that fits the base. and it’s goes already as simple as making the decorative planters up to date with the real ones.

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