Play Conan Tabletop inside of Conan exiles

I’m looking at running the Modiphius 2d20 Conan Exiles tabletop rpg online using the dice found within the Conan Exiles Computer game. I am aware there are other tools better designed to facilitate tabletop role play online but I believe it would be a fun meta experience. Discord for voice and I’d like to stream it.

I have a fairly open schedule at the moment so I am flexible on time.

If you are interested in playing let me know what times would work for you. Also please give an indication of your role playing preferences and your familiarity with the setting. Obviously in order for this to work you’ll need to own a copy of Conan Exiles for PC.

What exactly is going on here?

We play Conan Exiles, our CE characters meet, sit down at a table and then play a table top game. Am I suppose to be role-playing a character role-playing a character?

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We sit at a table in Conan Exiles, talk over discord and use the dice roller in Conan exiles. We can have the Character sheets written as notes on the table so people don’t have to swap windows. We only role play the tabletop characters, however we could dress our avatars to represent the tabletop characters.

Basically we’d just be playing the tabletop online using Conan Exiles as a sort of virtual meeting place and dice roller.

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I mean yeah, super immersive kinda. Roll20 is also suitable but not quite as Leo de Cap.

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