Play how you want on Crom's Wrath with no-raid safe zones. Friendly active players. Casual PVP and optional limited weekend raid. Tons of custom exclusive content

Server wipes today and begins season 5 with the major “ARENA CITY” update.

  • A New massive Arena City, an expansive lore-filled interactive player destination that will continue to be in development.
  • Training Grounds Arena, the first of four planned unique arenas that will be a part of the city. The Arena can only be accessed after death without thralls to help or second chances. Start with nothing and loot what you need to survive. Last until the end or leave any time with your loot.
  • New player starting area introduces players to the Arena City concept and gives a small taste of the lore that will be detailed as the city content is finished.
  • New EXP bounty merchants give daily bounty quests for 500,000 xp available to players above level 35.
  • The return of the Legendary Outfitter, buying your skeleton keys for random or specific legendary weapons, pippi gold, or Atlantean Coins.
  • New Quartermaster, the Atlantean Coin merchant takes coins that drop from bosses and arenas in the city in exchange for extremely powerful random weapons.
  • Redundant City design to balance PVP opportunities while limiting camping/ganking: 4 spawn in points, 3 map rooms, 3 redundant collections of merchants.- Beyond the Forge, Warrior Mutator and exclusively made Crom’s Wrath weapons are available (or will become available in the next few days) as drops and merch.
  • Event merchant Witch Queen’s Acolyte gives out special limited event weapons on demand throughout this and every future season.
  • Fully automated the River Market. No need to manually post to discord when you get a merchant.
  • Deathbringer’s Armory (still in construction) will display all mod legendary weapons available on the server.
  • Crom’s Wrath custom tapestries. A collection of over 40 unique tapestries that drop as rare decorations from the Arena City.
  • The start of a new expansive quest with carefully crafted exiled-lands compatible lore that will present the player with many challenges, adventures and powerful buffs not previously seen on our server. (still in construction)
  • Added Raid-Free “safe zones”

Crom’s Wrath is a casual pvp, limited weekend raid community that has existed for almost 2 years. It’s a great “long term server” home for most of our players who either play with us continuously for years or return again many times. We have an active and friendly community.

We have common sense rules, generous building limits, a good selection of mods, friendly people, and a fun discord. Come check it out!


Crom's Wrath


Bump. Continuing to expand the Arena City content on Crom’s Wrath.

  • Finished the Deathbringer’s Armory that shows all the nearly 250 unique legendary weapons that drop in the loot tables of the city.

Bump for more added content:

“The Forsaken Menagerie” has been added to the Arena City. A once lush zoo, the neglected and sand swallowed area is still of the Siptah Creatures once on display, but now they roam free, wild and dangerous.

Content Bump

Added 2nd week “Raid Challenge Base”

Each week one or more a base is made and filled with loot and enemies for players to find and raid. They range in difficulty, strength, and loot so that players of all levels can participate.

  • New arena being released this week.
  • Inactive landclaim purge this week.
  • New custom weapons set being added this week.

The inactive landclaim purge has been completed. Dozens, including many large, landclaims have been removed. The server is wide open and real estate is plentiful.