Player bounties!

I’m sure this has been discussed a few times before but I’m gonna take a stab at it anyway!

I think player Bounty system would be amazing!

1 npc where you can add from the player list a Bounty on said player. You pay the npc for example item x gained from killing random world boss let’s call it a “Bounty coin”

Player B accepts the Bounty and brings the head of said player to the npc and receives the Bounty coin.

To prevent harassing and or exploiting (too much) you can only claim 1 Bounty each day and x amount of Bounty coins can buy you thralls/pets/weapons.

I don’t honestly see this ever being implemented. Since I’m sure alot of people can poke holes and find exploits to a system like this. But i really think it could be a cool feature

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thats not a bad idea actually, though what if all members of one clan, pump up a bounty on another clan, or on 1 or 2 other players… then everyone will be going after them.

there probably is a basic set of (asimov-style rules) that could work though :slight_smile:

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