Player DDOS'ing Sever 3228

PS4 Sever 3228 has been getting DDos attacked for the last 2 hours. I have the player who is messaging me on PSN messages who is responsible and is attacking the server on command. Please solve this as he can also attack personal players I.P’s.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Report the player to PlayStation.
Try reporting the server to Gportal via the report official server button … I think the google doc reporting form has a section where you can type the issue.
Report it with evidence to the Exploit hunters email of Funcom.
It is currently the middle of the night in Norway so no one from the group that monitors the forums will read this report for several hours.

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How to check it out, prove it?
I think we have a similar problem on our server, they can not raid us, and they try cheat. We have huge problems playing when they attacking. In that hours, log out us out of the game, or there are huge lags that the character jumps from space to the other. No posible to fight.

Hey there,

Regarding alleged DDOS attacks, please either get in touch with Sony or G-Portal. If you have hard proof of that including screenshots you can contact any of our staff privately.

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