Players must not be able to stand on spikes while taking no damage

Game mode: [ Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [ US West ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Pro ]

Bug Description:

Player standing on crenelated wall spikes with no damage.

The video shows how I’m able to walk over crenelated spikes without taking any damage.

Expected Behavior:

I expect there to be damage while touching spikes, even walking through the middle of the crenelated wall.

Steps to Reproduce:

Create a bend as the video shows and walk over the spikes as the video shows.

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I might be wrong, but i think its because its not raid hours. Usually spikes work slightly different outside of raid hours i noticed.

Raid hours or not, it doesn’t make a difference to me.

Than it is how it should be.

Also, what if you get raided and you wanna shoot arrows to them? Since you cant stand on the spikes you cant shoot down.
And if you break the anti climb, you make a weakpoint.

No need to break it when placing a ceiling tile on the outer face of the crenelated piece works.