Playing Conan on a laptop

Anyone know how well AoC would run on a laptop with i3-7020 dual core 2,3 ghz with nvidia mx110? I am hoping for dx 10 medium or high settings. I am thinking the processor might be too weak and I’d be better off with a desktop dual core 3,0 ghz. Conan is the only game I play and care about.

Depends what ure doing, that system probably lets you quest alone in zones quite alright, wouldnt expect wb,raidfinder or raids to be a nice experience tho, even good systems can have issues with those activities

That laptop is absolutely terrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if you would struggle at minimum settings. As bad as that CPU is, the GPU is worse.

It helps to look at performance of those and see how whatever PC/laptop you are looking at compares to each other.

I ran my work laptop with a skylake i5 and no video card with this game in raids without issue. Low resolution and graphics set to raid and pvp.

The OP’s specs should run the game minimum settings.

I’m running mine on an i7, getting 60-100fps, so i dont see why yours wouldn’t be able to run it.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. It really made me research everything. I’m just now testing it out. Nvidia mx 110 i3 8145 2,1 ghz burst to 3,9 SSD.

Dx 10 1920 x 1080 High settings ~25 fps including khitai, better pre khitai. World boss and groups the fps can drop severely but stays quite reliably between 16 - 20 fps. So probably best to turn particles to just myself. 1366 x 768 30-35 fps high settings. Medium setting 40++ fps.

Obviously I don’t recommend this if you have the money to build a computer or get a real gaming laptop. But it’s possible on lowend laptop. Mobile conan))

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I’d recommend this in raids and wb, even if your pc was able to manage all the effects, because all the effects from all the people will turn the screen in a firework-like scene, where you would barely see the boss anymore… :sweat_smile:

Very true :joy: I was wondering if it’s supposed to be like this. All the red, blue/greens and whites spraying all over the place. Thought I was hallucinating

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I’m Kind of in the same boat. Looking to return to PVE and raiding and most of my time is spent away from home on the weekends so my mobile solution is a Dell Inspiron 15 inch 7559. It has a I5 6300HQ (Skylake), a single stick of 8 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3, I have swapped it to a 1 TB M.2 SSD and it’s running the Nvidia GTX 960M GPU. Native resolution for the unit is 1920 x 1080 but I can probably scale it down some, but hoping not to hav to if I can just dial back some of the scenery for raids. With the M.2 it’s so much faster than it was orginally so I am not worried about load times but since I have been out of AOC for quite a while now, safely since SWTOR came out was the last time I really logged in and did any Raiding. I have not had a chance to log into and play any on the laptop yet, just been too busy in the evenings catching up on stupid life stuff but I am curious what the general opinion would be on the performance of this laptop would be. Like I said I am looking to do some raids because when I left off AOC I don’t think I had done much or completed the T3 and newer content. I think I had just gotten far enough to have most of my T2 gear (or maybe T3, hard to recall) and I had the Conq two handed Ibis sword and I’m kind of looking to finish up some of the content I missed and don’t want to be the laggy guy still fighting mobs while everyone is clicking on the loot box. Thanks anyone

You can try it out on a world boss. If it works there it works everywhere.

I’m not sure how many cores AoC will load up, but on mine both cores are boosted to 3,7 ghz. Yours looks like maybe two cores will run at ~3,1, maybe it will load up three. Your graphics card is much better. But if needed you can always go to 16:9 or turn off god rays.

Conan’s a different beast after t2. I was quite shocked when I came back. T3 - t6 and all the six man’s require a lot of specific encounter tactics that aren’t intuitive. Takes some practice and friends.