Low FPS despite strong PC


Hello fellow savages,

I noticed that the game runs kinda bad on my PC, which is not a bad system at all.
My specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, 16 GB Ram and a RTX 2080.

I run the game in 1440p and high settings, yet I get like 50 ish frames when walking through the streets of OT. I would have expected better performance.

Am I missing something, or is the game just not very well optimized for a “new” system like mine ?


Its not optimized in general. GPU does matter very little, only CPU (Single core !! performance, so the clock rate of a single core should be high, which is a contradiction to some modern multicore cpu’s). In addition You can alt-tab somtimes to boost frame rate.


Age of Conan has never been optimized well, even in the beginning.


Weird I used to play a lot back in the day with my old PC, which was not as powerfull as this one and I don’t remember such bad performance, so I was wondering if it had to do with the newer generation hardware.


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You mean this game needs more then 16 GB or Ram to run over 50 FPS ? I’m not sure about that since most games run fine on 8 and this game is like over 10 years old.


No, 16 GB RAM isn’t needed, it wouldn’t help at all. I only have 8 GB RAM and AoC uses up barely anything even in areas with lots of NPCs and so on.
The game is simply horrible in terms of performance, there is nothing you can really change to make it run great on the highest settings in open areas.


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Ask sunstart how to help you, she is a real “professional”.


wtf ? 16GB of ram is fine on that machine !
And as stated in the 1st answer, the cpu is probably the bottleneck, this game is all about single thread perf. like many others from that age !


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Ask sunstart how to help you, she is a real “professional”.


it doesnt really matter if 16 GB was “normal” 5 years ago or not, all that matters is wether or not a game uses 16 GB of RAM. Which I doubt AOC does, it most likely will be what others have mentioned with the CPU single core performance.


The “low” fps is from aoc being pure single core. Something that you can do to maybe increase your fps is to run aoc in admin mode and ofc reduce settings.


Please just don’t post if you have no clue.

As stated before, the game requires a lot of CPU power. Ryzen has a problem with latencies, the 2xxx series is already better than the first one, but it still needs fast RAM with good latencies to minimize the issues with latency. If you have 3xxx MHz + RAM with latencies beyond 17 it should be as good as it gets. But AoC still performs poorly. Drops are usual.


I am using 3200 MHz CL 14 Ram, so pretty fast and it was made for Ryzen CPUs.
It’s from the G.Skill FlareX series.


Make sure your motherboard supports that speed and also make sure the speed isn’t set to a default that is lower (2133 is standard for a lot of motherboards).


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Ask sunstart how to help you, she is a real “professional”.


What graphics settings are you using ?
And I have my ram running at the full 3200 MHz, the controller of the CPU is overclocked using the XMP profile.


The 170 FPS are idling somewhere alone. Like Palace of Cetriss Lobby. Get similar frames with 3440x1440 settings on i5 and 1080 16gb ram


If you want truly better performance, get an Intel CPU (because of single core performance) with a high frequency and high frequency/low latency RAM (even 4000mhz+ isn’t useless in CPU bound games like AoC - but it will cost you an arm or two!).
Otherwise you can try overclocking your CPU a little, though Ryzen isn’t great for that :frowning:

Pretty much any GPU is overkill for AoC these days, unless you get a really low end one. Also the resolution has a massive impact on performance because it increases the amount of things you can see (similar to increasing the resolution in 2d games). Even with a 8700k, 1080 ti etc. I see a huge performance difference between 1080p, 1440p, 4k etc. - even though GPU usage is very very low.