Performance issues

So i got a new rig, 5950x and a 6900xt, both are water cooled.I cant not seem to get good performance in this game. I see maybe 45-60fps from medium settings to ultra, then on low it goes to maybe 90…KEKW
any suggestions or help woudl be appreciated, this is literally the only game i have that has such terrible perormance with AMD and quite honestly it shouldnt.

I have three PC’s with specs far beyond what this game needs with tweaks but it comes to limitations of the game engine itself. On single player you should have an almost flawless experience with FPS. On a server expect the quality to drop especially loading other players structures, with adjusted settings loading another players structure can drop your FPS from 60 to 30 or even lower for a minute or two. Private servers play quality depends on the tech or service they use as well, you’ll find more issues with Gportal hosted servers. If you join a dedicated server ask for the specs of the machine they use and compare them to this Dedicated server system requirements - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Internet connection also plays a role in this as well, whether it be the connection the server has or your own internet. Many other variables add to this such as how much is built on a server and its age or the weather where it is located, highly populated servers struggle with quality of play. Some private servers have paid a fortune for custom engine tweaks so their server runs with barely any stutter, I have been playing this game for four years and came to accept the stutter and quick FPS drops as natural, don’t expect too much from this game.

I avoid servers with mods that improve graphics or effects and even refrain from using any mods that effect performance on my server. Its best to play with your video settings and test it out on a populated server, I found with my FPS capped at 60 that my game runs the best, beyond that it just keeps stuttering jumping from 70 to 200 FPS. Here are my video settings that give me optimum performance with the best quality if these help you at all.

Motion Blur: Off
Volumetric Fog: On
VSYNC- On (Really depends on your monitor)
View Distance: Cinematic
Post Processing: Cinematic
General Shadows: High
Effects Quality: Medium
Texture Quality: Medium
Foliage Quality: Medium
Anti-Aliasing: x4

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