New video card low FPS

Conan goes slow with my new PC
Only 30% resourses used

16gb DDR
ssd evo plus
GTX 1660 ti

20 fps
30% gpu used
40% cpu

link: funkyimg-dot-com/i/2YDn8.jpg

That’s not good, on my alienware laptop with 16g and 1070 nvidia I get steady 100ish. Even on Intel when I run on battery I have steady 30fps. That’s on high settings.

try windowed mode and alt tab few times to fix

Conan depends on single core and is buggy

What CPU do you have? The main bottle neck is the CPU these days.

Since the game is single threaded, you want a CPU with high Single Threaded performance. As a result, many CPUs with lots of cores won’t have nearly the performance you might initially expect, due to being more suited to multi-threaded operations.

In your screenshot, it appears the CPU is running at 1605 MHz. That might explain your issues. I think that is rather slow for CPUs these days.

Funcom finally managed to make Age of Conan truly multithreaded application. Windows task manager can’t be wrong :wink:

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That is… very odd. Never seen the task manager be that wrong before. I wonder what was going on in your system.

I disagree. Ever since I got a Graphics card, game runs on 100-120 fps. The smoothness hurts my eyes (because they are used to the old 25fps).

Still adjusting the sliders for distance tho, hard to find best balance.

Either way, the point is, just the CPU wont change crap. Graphics card makes a lot of difference.

You disagree to his statement about “Conan depends on single core” but you claim a CPU wont change crap? Well… then you agree with him because that’s exactly what he meant.

Garrus, of course the GPU has an impact. If your old one is an old potato, it likely would be the major bottleneck. So for you, upgrading gave you a great performance improvement. But these days, it doesn’t take that great of a Graphics card to get past that bottleneck and swap it over to the CPU.

The OP’s 1660 ti is roughly better than the 980 Ti, and I remember my old 980 was plenty to move the bottleneck over to the CPU. So his GPU is not the issue.

Also, @hayde, I noticed your task manager screenshot showing AoC using 96.4% was the Processes tab. This tab is fairly well known for showing incorrect info and can’t be relied upon to always be accurate. It would be interesting and more informative to see the Details tab to get a more accurate view of what is using up your CPU.

might be onto something, op said he got a new pc, i cant imagine him getting a new cpu thats so bad he would get 20 fps. Try what henry wrote, sometimes when u launch the game in windowed fullscreen the game runs in some bugged state with 10-20 fps untill i alttab to desktop and in again, or alt + enter back n fourth untill its fixed.

I don’t think I ever replicate this strange bug that happened after having aoc open in background trough whole day working on my pc :wink: Used it stays at levels we are used to - 1.5 threads.

And as for OP, if new pc equals new system then I’d try set patcher to download all data before entering game. Today I launched fresh SWL without downloading full client and poping in Agartha were worst experience I had in years. Funcom streaming missing data system is bad.

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easiest way to resolve framerate lags (at least in win10) is to hit ctrl+alt+delete to get to the screen where you can lock your pc, open task manager etc. exit with escape back into the game. voila, framerate fixed! worked for me everytime.