PlayStation Update 2.4/2.4.6 Official Discussion Megathread

Wow, being accused of being not helpful and needlessly hostile.


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Hi Exiles!

So, yes, we know you’ve been waiting for the 2.4.6 update on PSN, and unfortunately the patch will not arrive this week either.

We’ve worked to provide quick updates and bits of information over time, and while we don’t have an ETA at the moment, we wanted to elaborate on the situation to help you understand the delay.

First things first: The actual content of the update is ready to go, and has been for a while.

Our current challenge is that, due to the way the game handles data and how patching works on PlayStation, releasing the update as-is would cause you to download the entire game from scratch. This may not be a huge issue for those with good connections and unlimited bandwidth, but this is not something everyone has access to.

Working around this issue is a complicated process since it requires a lot of moving parts working together and as such, needs thorough work and testing.

We do apologize once again for the wait and we hope this offers a little extra context on what’s going into the current delay. We’re doing everything we can to get this out as quickly as possible.

We’ll provide more info and updates as they’re available! In the meantime, yeah, I guess feel free to share cat memes or whatever, we understand :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m happy with that.

Look @Rollotomozi your update.




Jokes aside, yes, the update is definitely coming and I know it’s probably frustrating to see little movement on that front. We can assure you we want the update out too!

As a reminder, while ultimately this is a forum about video games and trying to have fun, let’s try to avoid doing so at another’s expense for honest inquiries and questions. Thanks, friends!


It certainly is correct, test live can be seen as the most up to date version, although anything there can be subject to change.

@Zeb is the queen of meme.

It should basically be the same, except including a stability fix.



That last update took 6 or 7 hours to get downloaded and installed and I have good internet throw in the fact that PSN :snail: slows down alot when everyone is attempting to download at the same time @Croms_Faithful and others would be knocked back to 4 years ago to beta/testing days otherwise I wouldn’t mind having to reload.





You are to much.! Reminds me our Corgi from years ago he only went up stairs not down after the first try short legs :sweat_smile:.


I really wish I was sorry. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::innocent:




AndyB is in my top 6 “most liked by”. It’s the beards, they call to each other :wink:


Is it not possible to release a patch and those that are happy to reinstall the game do so and those that aren’t can wait for the fix?


Cheers for the update :blush::+1:



No you would need to be running the same software version as the server. So those that aren’t happy to do a full reinstall wouldn’t be able to play at all.


Was könnt ihr eigentlich aber hauptsache der pc bekommt alles und die psn spieler müssen weiter warten bis ihr mal was macht.ach ja psn ist ja nur nebensächlich das haupt ist der pc das sieht man ja was der pc gegenüber der psn hat.sag nur mod support op woll es eigentlich keine mods gibt aber was macht ihr da gegen nichts besser noch ihr unterstützt das noch.

Kann mann nur eins sagen RIP conen exiles bbesser noch nehmz es von der konsole wieder runter wenn ihr nur alles für den pc macht und die konsolen Spieler müssen : 1.zuschauchen das der pc alkes vorab bekommt 2.weiter auf update warten bzw auf bug fixes 3.mehr zahlen(bei neu Anschaffung)als wie die pc
4.null neue funktonen für konsole modhub

TBH I think if it included a lot of bug fixes and made the game run a lot better. Many of us would not mind.

If it fixed the invisible enemies. Thralls ghosting through door and walls. With some new content. We would be happy to reinstall. All 200 on our server would completely be on board with that. But Lack of content is driving many away.


the update also solves the nudity problem right? You’ve already confirmed this but it’s been a long time :sweat_smile:


Who cares the game is dead onPlayStation. You guys failed to update…… you guys still charge money for this game but have pc and Xbox have it on their passes, no one plays anymore it’s boring now .

Yes the fact that so many ppl are here asking about the update proves it’s dead and no one plays right. Hang on……. :clap::man_facepalming::zipper_mouth_face:


I literally see like 3 popping servers = dead … I literally see no more big clans when I played there was over 20+ 10 man clans always at war at different times trust me game is beyond dead on PlayStation