Please add to the base repair system


Please funcom for the love of god make a better repair system. Nothing is more lame than having to rip up stuff to repair whats underneath. Maybe make a bench that you can put a thrall in, idk something that runs on radium gems (to further make use of them) as a fuel source. Then you can put the actual repair mats in and it repairs in a radius or something. Or even just a repair thrall that functions like that, you just shove repair mats in it and it can repair slowly over time. Just something thats handy and saves a crap load of time.

Imagine raiding with that :thinking: It may sound good in theory but I feel it is going to be rather inconvenient in practice.

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it could be disabled during Purge/pvp hours though :wink:


i never mentioned how it would fully function, but hey you could have the thrall or bench work on a one week cooldown, regardless of how many you have. Just make it a clan triggered thing, if its been used then it cannot be used at all for another week. I dont know im not a dev but hey it wouldnt be that hard to actually balance. (hence this all just being a idea, and yeah you wouldnt be able to use it inside pvp hours aswell. Purely for rebuilding purposes not for repelling a raid.)

Thats in a way how i imagined it , slowly over time say 24/48hours but its only active during non pvp hours. (becomes inactive during pvp) But yeah i dont know just figured even if you had to wait a day or 2 , i would gladly do so if it meant i could do other things in the mean time.

Honestly base repair should only work is If someone is login on that clan. At best it would just need to be attach to the structure and then start checking and repair slowly 10 % repair speed per hour

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