Please do not lock your chests (PVP)

Hi all,

If someone raid you, he has bombs.
If you lock your chests, they will be destroyed and you will loose the loot + your base … instead of only the loot if not locked.
Why do you all lock your chests??? …

Another thing, do not hide yourself behind a wall. At the first bomb, your health bar is displayed … ! Then the raider see where you are and what wall to destroy. Better is to sleep nacked inside the base.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Why not just leave the door open too?

No, if you want my loot you’ll have to work for it.


I keep mine open but not because of anything about base explosives because they will do that anyways…but because I hid crap underneath the chests…they are so busy blowing up sides and ceilings they don’t look under the loot for buried loot.


It seems like a weird idea but maybe you’re on to something. For long term players on a server who care more about their base than their loot? Or people who hate building? Maybe unlocked chests could be a signal, “OK well done you got in, but don’t wipe my building.”

I doubt many PVP players would even notice a chest being unlocked before they bombed it though :laughing:


Last time I was raided, they only got a few scraps I left out.
All my good stuff was hidden, and all they did was superficial damage.

I will never make anything easy for an offline raider coward.


you have to be careful with sleeping inside your base because if the bomb range catches you your life will also come out or the poison of an arrow can also make your life come out


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