Question- Got raided and didn't lose my star metal or my bombs?


I promise there is a question at the end of this rainbow. My base has been raided twice now, very significantly. Both times it had to have been done with 100+ bombs and they basically wiped me out completely. After the first raid, I noticed I had one large chest still standing that happened to have my bombs in it and some other of my high-end stuff. I don’t believe I had any Star Metal in that chest, but I might have. Anyway, it was left untouched and was still locked with full HP. I thanked my lucky stars and chalked it up to dumb luck that the one chest they didn’t bother with had my most valuable stuff in it. After the second raid again I thought I had lost all my stuff. They had basically blown up everything and taken everything again I thought. However, I’m not sure if I just overlooked it the first time right after the raid. I could have sworn there was no chest left standing, but the next day I went back to my base and I saw one lone chest sitting there which I could swear wasn’t there the day before right after the raid happened. Inside that chest were my 30 bombs and about 900 Star Metal Bars and some Star Metal Ore. Is there something that I don’t know about where you can’t blow up chests with bombs and Star Metal in it or am I just the luckiest person in the game? The first time I thought I was just lucky but for that to happen twice I’m thinking it’s something else. I’m playing on PS4 btw. Anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks for your help.

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Sounds to me like someone wants you to move and are being “nice” by leaving you some bombs and star metal to get you somewhere else xD

Perhaps your event log can help clear it up … Could it be that the attackers ran out of time to blow those two chests up?
Your event log would tell you the times at which things were destroyed / stolen … so if it was right up to the end of the PvP building destruction window then perhaps you just lucked out that they couldn’t destroy those chests and steal the contents within the damage window.

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Well, I think you can find the truth.

First of all, you can swear the chest wasn’t there the day before, but that chest’s owner are you or someone else ?

Check in the logs: (esc->event logs: set filters than send the request to see the log) to see if someone place it.

Hearing your story what I think is someone just wanted, after raided you, to let you the resources to raid someone else to gain resources to rebuilding your base somewhere else.

A sort of an aggresive message: “go away from here”

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