Unlocked cupboard from enemy, is it possible?

Last night we had a raid of in a pvp server. In this base, because i have space, i use cupboards for storing goods. Because it is pvp server i lock all the cupboards and chests. I had a great surprise to see the cupboards unlocked and stolen. Ok i was not so upset bacause he didn’t unlock and steel my varius farm but still… Unlocked :flushed:? My teammates told me that only admins can do this. We speak to the admin and he didn’t knew this player, he was new. I can understand that in pc you can do hacks, but in ps4?

I’m assuming it’s private server as you mentioned contacting the admin. Could be that after a server restart some of the locked statuses of the containers reverted to being unlocked without you knowing, I have seen it happen once before with a base of mine on a private server.

It’s also possible a clan mate unlocked some by mistake and didnt realize. However it is also very possible that the guy was hacking, even though Hacking is more rare on consoles it can and still does happen.

Guess it would be useful if the event log showed records of containers getting locked and unlocked then you could trace it.

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Thakns a lot. This is something i didn’t think about i will check the friendly access. Thanks for replying, i wish to you the new year will make you rich, happy, in love and ‘Asuras chosen’ :tada::tada::tada::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Might want to rethink locking chests and such, if someone has broken into your chest area locked chests will not stop them, they will deploy explosives and quite possibly destroy your crafting stations in the process of getting into your locked chests. You will then have to most likely replace your crafting stations and repair walls and floors in the area also.

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It is PvP and I belong to a clan . When I play solo I act as you say, i hate bombs inside my house . Thanks a lot for replying, happy new year and I wish you everything you dream :+1::gift_heart:

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