Unauthorized Inventory Access

I logged out, and overnight almost all of my stuff was gone. From inside my house. All doors closed, no damage to the structure at all. All chests, cabinets, thralls and crafting items missing.

I checked the logs, and there was an extensive list of items under the ‘Unauthorized Inventory Access’ by one player.

Does this mean they used a hack or something illegal or am I just out of luck?

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Hmm… It COULD be a hack, but it could also be that your security is not as tight as you may think. My pals and I have done several ‘spec ops’ raids in which you’d swear we’ve passed through the walls, but we’ve just found a way where the anti-climbing spikes could be ignored by double jumping, and such.

Let me ask you a couple questions:

  1. Do you have any clanmates or are you playing solo? We first need to rule out an inside job.
  2. Could you provide extensive pics of your base, covering every angle, inside and out? If you can’t upload pics because you’re a new forum user, just take screenshots with Gyazo and provide the links as plain text, I’ll do the rest! :slight_smile:

I play solo. Let me get you some pics. There is one area in the ceiling I thought might accessible, but I tried and tried to get in and couldn’t. I play on PS$, so I will see what I can do.

Are your benches near windows? Sneaky thieves can stick an arm thru…

This is a possibility. Also, if you filter by structures in the event log, you should be able to see if the chests have been destroyed.

They are still there.

No windows on the first floor, plus the thralls and the wheel of pain was closed in.

Sorry, until I can get on and play I can’t get pics. But, nothing was destroyed. All my chests and cabinets are there. No holes in the wall or ceiling.

So I checked my alter to Ymir, and it is empty as well, but it is still there. So nothing is destroyed, but everything is empty. If this is ok, and a valid game mechanic, cool. But I think this sounds wrong. Locked boxes and cabinets were just emptied.

If they took your things from locked chests and cabinets, then it definitely sounds like a hack. There’s no lockpicking that allows you to open a chest with a big, red “LOCKED” text, so whoever did it has basically ignored the mechanics to do so. I suggest you contact with the staff and provide as much information as possible. I hope this thread helps.

If it’s a PVE(-C) server, they shouldn’t be able to take anything from any of your containers, unless they decayed and were demolished. If it’s a PVP server, then they could have looted your containers if they found a way into your base.

So, if you’re playing on a PVP server and your base isn’t 100% inaccessible from the outside, then it might not be a hack. Anything else than that is a hack.

He say chests wos locked

Most likely there is a spot in your base that’s open that you aren’t aware of. It’s very common especially if you’re built into permanent structure

If items were taken from locked containers without the container being destroyed then yes someone has used a hack to steal the items. Report with as much info as you can including screenshots of the locked containers and screenshots of the unauthorized access from the event log.

Is this on official server @espero ? Because unfortunately there isn’t a lot of admin support for official servers, if you are on unofficial then your chances of getting this dealt with in a timely fashion will be much higher, not to mention if you are on official the offender may get banned but likely you will not get your stuff back, where as if you are unofficial the admin may spawn in what was taken from you.

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You got robbed by cheaters. And the bad news is, Funcom will not be able to fix it. Only chance for u is playing on a privat pvp/pve server, with an active admin that cares about its community. Stay away from official servers. They will only cause you pain.

He said he plays on the PS4, the PS4 cant be hacked (Atleast not with online gaming support) so this means it should have been a bug. But i dont think a bug like stealing stuff from chest will stay a secret.

The PS4 bug abusing community is pretty large and stuff like this gets public in no time.

I still think this guy got insided in some way, if not he got undermeshed and thats how they did steal his stuff.

But i have really no clue how people would acces his “locked” chests… Also there is no way that he could proof his chests did be locked at that time, wich makes it abit harder.

Also, after like 5 days the forum poster still didnt post any kind of proof. Kinda weird if stuff like this would really have happened.

As far as I know you can also cheat on Ps4 but its very complex. It has been seen on Battlefield, Fortnite and other competitiv games.

If he says that his chests have been locked, then there is only one other way I know of (at least on Pc), how this could be done without cheats. And I am not sure if it still works. There is a chance they can take over the clan, robb him blank and leave. But then this “takeover” should also be seen in the eventlog.

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