*PLEASE* folks, if you are reporting a bug

Fill out the form at the top and provide as many details as is reasonably possible. (also let us know if you are using mods)

A lot of the reports we see have been solved or we have workarounds, but are specific to the answers to the form. We spend our time here to help you and are not paid to do so, we enjoy helping. Given this is the weekend in Norway, we try to fill in for Funcom support.

Given no information, we have very little to go on and are just guessing, it may help, or in some cases, it may hurt. Modifying an ini file may set you back when it is the wrong answer. You get frustrated and may further the complications you are experiencing.

We need that information to give you help that will, well, help.

Thanks in advance.



Edited PS: notice below the way a first time user filled out the report and how quickly it was solved …


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