Can you please… for the love of all that is good and holy… give us our own pvp arena in field of the dead separate from the pve pet battles??? PLEASE!!!

it’s getting so beyond ridiculous. why do you not give the pvp community any headway? Having to share an arena with pve’ers is absolutely infuriating. We subscribe to the game too.


I have to agree here.

As a primarily PvEer, I feel bad for the PvPers who desire to duel in the arena and having to wait upwards of 40 minutes at times for a duel, while pvers get 3-4 fights in each before they get a pvp match.

More people might even try PvP in the arena if it’s a seperate instance since it wouldnt take as long for a match to be made.


I decided I wanted to do some 1v1 duels in the arena. They all went smooth until we had two people fighting pets.

The waits for duels became very long. The last one I did took 4 or 5 PvE fights and felt like it was a 20+ minute wait.

I didnt stick around since after my last fight two more people zoned in and signed up to fight pets.


that’s why we got ppl who farm alt instead of people who queue up for duels between minies or even just duel for duel sake. It wouldnt cost anything to make it it’s own instance, it has to be the will of funcom still not understanding that when ppl want to pve they do pve and when they want to do pvp they dont want to be forced into pve??


That’s the thing, there is already a second instance for this arena. It is never used for anything. It was designed for “pet battle training” Just dedicate that arena/instance to pvp duels and problem solved. Change the current duel npc to a trainer npc. Baritha is right, The long queue times are aggravating.