Two field of the dead arena instances and one is wasted

So there are two instances of the fotd arena. One for " sparring" one for main arena. The sparring arena is never used. Can you ( funcom) please designate that wasted arena for minon fights and the other one for PVP only? It sucks having to share an arena with npc fighters. Nothing against them I know they have their play preference and they want to get their pve stuff. but why waste an entire instance? you could just use that “sparring” pit for pve fights and the main one for pvp only. It would mean a lot less time standing around holding my penis in my hand while i wait for the arena to become available. thanks for reading.

The sparring pit is for the pve fights at low rank of the pve faction …then you reach the exp cap for the sparring pit and are forced to go to the main one.
So equally, Funcom could enable the PvP matches in the sparring pit, so people have more options where they conduct their PvP matches.

They need to give us a pvp only arena bottom line. I dont care about the logistics of low level pve. I just hate having to wait while someone beats up some pet npc. It’s… for lack of a better term… LAME

So you can Alt farm faster? That is the only PvP I ever see in there.

I realize some people do that but I don’t. In fact many players I see are just there for a good fight. We PVP and the alt farmers get disrupted to be honest. They don’t stick around after getting their teeth kicked in a few times. Plus I’m rank 4 already so why would I bother? I’m a dueler on a server with no open world PVP. I don’t think it’s much to ask tbh

I guess it can be a good idea, but this, sir,

is not an argument.

I think you miss my point. I meant it’s lame having to wait. Not the act of pve itself. I don’t care about that I just want to see it segregated.

I did not miss your point. But you findind something lame is not an arguement.

I actually think that you have a solid case here, but you have to build it better. The point about the limitation of PvP without open world PvP, and a “duelling scene” is a good start.

I, playing almost exclusivly PvE, was excited about the PvP arena when it was anounced, because I was looking forward to watching PvP duells. But because you can not even see what the duellers are doing (targeting them), and that way learn from them for my future PvP, I instantly lost every interest. So I can asure you, the frustration is on both sides.

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There is so much more that they could do with the PvP arena. Things like a tournament with say 8 players. 2 are randomly selected. Winner continues against a new random entry. Loser goes back in the pool until a second loss. Last man standing takes the prize (perhaps have an entry fee that the winner gets the pool). 2 on 2, 3 on 3, or 6 on 6 battles. Betting…

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Now that the lowbies can cap their leveling xp and earn leveling xp through pvp, it’s a good time to have some under 80 pvp arena choices, prizes, achievments? (pvp purist? ^^) In any case, A lot can be done if the will to develop something was there.

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Some pretty good ideas. i also thought it would be nice if they added some smaller minigame maps and a 1v1 queue, 2v2, 3v3 etc.

@Kantakwa you’re right about the limited visibility of the arena but you can get a better view if you go up to the 2nd level.

Why are people even arguing this?

There always should’ve been a PvP arena for PvP fights only,

The PvE arena should be solo instances, it’s completely solo content, and no one ever wanted to stand around bored out of their minds waiting for other people to fight pets.

Hell, even if, for some weird reason, you wanted to, you can hardly even watch the fights anyway.


Good point - at the moment only level 80s can join the PvP arena queue in the Pit Master’s arena.
If Funcom is planning a PvP Saga server, revising this restriction to allow duels in the arena pre-80, with obvious limits on how far apart duelists can be in levels, would add to the server experience and uniqueness.

Tip:: @Kantakwa actually you can. You only need to click the dueler you want to watch before he enters the arena. And you will see in your target cast bars what he is actually doing. However you cannot change target during the fight and if you click somewhere you will loose target.

Good luck!

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I know that. And I know that the best place to have the best view is on the 1. floor. So to watch one side of the fight I need to stand near the pvper I want to watch, target him as long as it takes for him to get ported into the arena, then run up (hopefully not loosing him in may target), and then watch one side of the fight. Yeah. I as a pvp noob will not learn anything from watching one player, if I can not see what the other player is doing. Like, exactly doing.

When the arena was anounced we had some pretty heated discussions in the old forum about that. For me the idea to get competitive pvp out in the “open” (not hiddne in minis and border kingdoms - on pve server) sounded like a good and exiting idea, but the implementation lacked an easy approach to it. And what hurts this system the most (pve and pvp) is that the only rewards are personal progression…ok, lets be real: It is stupid, endless farming. For pve I get that, but the pvp side it missing boards. It is pointless to win a fight, pointless to compete, if you can not brag about it.

It’s only endless farming if the only thing you’re doing there is trying to earn points. Some players like myself just enjoy duels.

I had never thought about that, but now that you are mentioning it, if new players could have watched the Elite from pvp players dueling vs each others, it may have made new vocations and then solve the other recurring problem of low population on pvp servers.

But what about the other arenas? The one in Khemi is for guild members if not mistaking, but what about the one of Kheshatta? I am not big on pvp, so please forgive me I dont know much about those places.

Those arenas are private instances for invited groups only.