Arena for SP-PVE-PVP (settlement system?)

It would be nice to be able to use an arena also in SP.

It would be used to fight in first person by deciding on weapons and armor. In addition, it would be useful for testing your slaves, pets and would be a source of entertainment (besides making the base much more “alive” - ​​an addition to the settlement system?).

Currently the only possibility is:

  • build an arena

  • enter the game as admin and bring up an enemy chosen from the list. But this always seems to me to cheat …

  • Probelms: in addition to the feeling of cheating if you decide to teleport or enter a dungeon you will no longer find the enemy trapped in the arena on your return. It seems normal to me because it is a game forcing.
    The idea of ​​capturing an enemy (stunning him), bringing him to the arena and then waking him up seemed good to me, but when the enemy wakes up he disappears and does not remain inside the arena. So the only solution is the admin …

I don’t know how much this topic might interest the community or developers, but what do you think about it?


Anything that makes tha games NPCs feel more alive. Doesnt fit in with their “games as a service” model…

I am not entirely sure what you mean, but the way I “solved” this was to build an arena that has a two “holding pens” for bosses. Then I can kite those bosses inside them, close the gates on them and they’re ready for anyone who wants to fight them.

Of course, it still requires me to open the gate myself if the participating gladiators are not from my clan, but the arena can be designed in such a way that I can do it safely :slight_smile:

All of this was on an official PVE-C server, so it doesn’t require use of admin powers.

Does that help in any way or have I completely missed your point?

So if I understand … you find a boss … then, do you chase yourself up to the arena and trap him?
My problem is that my base is on top of a plateau just behind the Warmaker Dungeon.
I can’t get chased up there.
I should try to build an arena in an easily accessible place and try your technique :slightly_smiling_face:

I play SP on PC and would simply like to be able to animate my arena and consequently my base / city.
This could be an addition to the settlement system.

This afternoon I got an idea … tell me if you like it:

The city of Sepermeru has a market full of merchants … what if some of them sell gladiators and animals / monsters?
So a player could go to the market with a heavy bag of gold coins and buy opponents to place in his arena.
This type of opponent will appear as a normal thrall to place. When you position it, it becomes aggressive.

This I think is easy enough to program and develop.

Why do you think so?
I speak as ignorant, but if a “game is a service” then like all “services” it will have to be implemented and followed or the “service” dies.
It’s about trade and money.
Or you buy a “service” to make it fruit and grow, or to “destroy the competition”, are you referring to this?

I would love to have additional features that allow my bases to look less like lifeless models and more like places that have their own life. If you haven’t done so, I would encourage you to post your suggestions to the official Question of the Week thread:

Moving on to something else:

Have you ever been to Flotsam? There are merchants there who sell fighter thralls :slight_smile:

Of course, those behave like normal thralls. I like your idea to add a new kind that becomes hostile.

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Personally I would like it if there was an Arena location inserted into the main Map, where Singleplayers and PvE players (PvP too of course) can do battle with a randomly generated 1 or 3 Skull human or animal boss. Their aggro could be triggered by walking into the Arena itself.


I believe you are wnating someithing i have asked for as an admin command, and that is to create respawn points to create new NPC areas? If so, i +1 your idea.


Done! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh really?
I haven’t been out there for a long time.
Then, I restarted the game with the new December patch and I still haven’t gone to explore the right side of the map (swamps, jungle and pirate coast). Thanks for your advice!

I was also thinking about this …
In addition to the arenas run by players, Funcom could also create a public arena (perhaps near a city) where it is possible to participate in small tournaments organized by the game.

Another possibility: the arena for example could also be a positionable building, such as stables, the wheel of pain, etc … but with the possibility of interaction (fights organized by the owner).
This possibility does not convince me very much … and then, in my opinion, it is more beautiful to build your own arena to manage.

As programming, in my opinion, it would be easier to buy gladiators to be placed where you want and that immediately become hostile towards the player, his thralls / pets, other gladiators and NPCs ( … these gladiators are bad ■■■■■!)

In addition, you could also think of a gladiator market …
Example: from the merchant you buy a gladiator and have him fight in the arena. He always win and survive by going up levels. At this point you can stun him, bring him back to the merchant and sell at a price greater than that of the purchase. (it would be nice to be able to bargain … within the limits of the game’s AI …).


Another idea for the battle standard:

Placeable gladiators / animals / monsters can only be placed within the battle standard radius.

This prevents players from using these positionable enemies as berserker-kamikaze in situations other than an arena.

In addition, this would give SP players a reason to build a battle standard that has a function other than simple decoration. It would also be an incentive to build your own arena and add value to the Blood and Sand DLC for SP.

Pumping money in SinglePlayer-Content just seems unlikly to me from an economic standpoint.

I do not agree. This implementation of the settlement system would allow SP, PVE and PVP players to have more life in their cities.

Furthermore, for PVE and PVP, it might be interesting to be able to have gladiators from different owners fight in different arenas (organize a tournament with the possibility of betting?)

Another thing that could be interesting for SP, PVE and PVP is a gladiator trade (see post above) or being able to sell captured enemies instead of placing them on the wheel of pain (slave market).

Why? I don’t think using hostile fighter thralls outside an arena is necessarily a bad thing.

It was just an idea … I’m not a developer :wink:
For me that playing in SP wouldn’t be a problem, but I was thinking about who plays PVP. I don’t know if it would be a good idea to use them as berserker-kamikaze during raids … but I never played PVP and I can’t speak.

The topic mentioned that it was for SP. I dont think they’ll do anything solely for SP. If it was fully implementet, whole different story…

You are right! In fact, I changed the title of the thread. I had been thinking about it for a while …
Basically it would be an implementation of the settlement system applicable to all (SP-PVE-PVP).

Yep. Cause that I`d love to see!

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While i think thats true, we only present one third of the players (I am a singleplayer myself). I just think that if funcom really goes the “game as a service” route it is quite unlikely that Singleplayers will be their main focusgroup. Even though it might be and feel like something far more social for us players, making games is a buisness after all. I just try to see both perspectives wehen I make my assumptions.

I don’t think Funcom prefers one group of players over another.
As a company, I believe it is in their best interest to always satisfy the three types (SP-PVE-PVP).
For example the main game is fun and playable in all three types.
All DLCs are cosmetic and can be used by all players.
It is true that some DLCs are more oriented towards a style of play. I give the example of Blood and Sand and Debaucheries of Derketo which are much more enjoyable for PVP-PVE.
In short, I don’t think Funcom will create an additional product for Conan (patch or DLC) oriented ONLY towards a style of play. Commercially it would not make sense.

About this thread …

  • Funcom said it plans to implement the settlement system in the future.
  • The solution proposed here would be quick and easy to implement. It is about creating a tool and rules for players that performs a function already present in admin. So a programming part of the work is already done.
  • This addition would also allow the insertion of a gladiators / slaves market giving more meaning and value to the coins circulating in the game.

I hope you are right

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