What would you like to see added to the game? (Encore!)


I would like to see more cosmetic and placeable options in the game and I would personally be willing to spend a few dollars here and there for these types of things. I do feel though that core game items such as new maps etc should not be something payed for.

Mentioned, but saying it again: different appearances for functional placeables like bedrolls, beds, wheels, temples, or workbenches would be very nice.

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Just read the release about MAP EXPANSION and watched Firesparks video on the same subject… The Map Expansion should not be a DLC expansion. The Map should be a simple evolution of the game that should happen for free. Make money through DLC stuff and selling annual passes for this content. Things like Permanent Tattoos, Changable hair styles, Clothing, expansion packs for existing DLC content (Example- Japanese like placable items for Yamata DLC), Vines and Cammo kits for bases, even a DLC that gives access to hidden caves and crevices to build bases in, DLC specific Mounts and Armour are the type of stuff that players would drop cash on. I would easily do $50 to $60 annually for this type of stuff… Let the game evolve and expand and make money on the on the extras that give flavor to the game… Thanks for a great game and all of the hard work y’all put into it…

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I was actually going to write a thorough post here, but I got distracted, and well… we’re already hundreds of posts in and most (or all) of what I would’ve wanted to say has been said. So I’ll just butt in real quick to restate my support for cosmetic armor/weapons (@Codemage and possibly others - I confess I haven’t ready everything here - have already adressed the supposed issues this could cause in PvP).

That, and restate my desire for custom clan banners, as outlined in this (sadly closed) topic:


I was suggested to include this too:


I would like Thralls, Pets, and Avatars to have more utility for the PvP aspects in the PVE-C realms.

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Can you please add in game dogs.Thx

And make them strong not like other animals,make them like thralls/fighters.

Hello everyone!!! I liked many off the wishes that I’ve read in the posts above. I didn’t read them all, sorry for that, butt I don’t have much time to read all of them! So I don’t now if someone already suggested what I’ll post next! We need Wagons attached to horse, to carry stuff to distant locations! I would like a colosseum to play as gladiators and have chariots races! A betting system ! A new map for those who finish the game to explore, butt maintaining the possibility to return at any time! This would give a purpose to gamers to complete the story and remove the bracelet! Or to change the bracelet, so that all could continue to be “exiled” but with access to a new area!

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In this image I have circled some of the architectural details that would help enhance the game for me. Additionally though I would love to see the existing DLC such as the Arena set get completed. If you won’t complete them then you should at least let the modders have the blueprints and give them leave to create any pieces that do not exist in the DLC packs.


I would like to have the “vanity mirror” to change the appearance of the player , that was posted in the firsts pots! Crocodiles, serpents and thrall’s able to swim under water! A water dragon! Settlements were we could build a shop, and were weapons are not allowed! Raiders could ambush the travelers on their way in or out the settlement!

Try checking if you haven’t unlearned the necessary talent to craft them. Happens with me all the time

Aide au mod,

Je suis en apprentissage de gestion d’un mod Pippi, et il nous manque l’ID des thrall, ce qui serait utile afin de créer des quêtes de capture ou de récompense.
Pourriez vous mettre à jour Wiki ou une base de donnée car je ne trouve pas la solution.
Nous pouvons les déposer dans une roue de souffrance, nous pouvons le garder dans l’inventaire, nous pouvons les stocker dans les contenants.
Mais nul part nous arrivons a voir leur ID pour les intégrer en récompense ou objet nécessaire en preuve de capture.

Si quelqu’un a une solution, qui existe, je suis preneur.
Longue Vie Conan Exiles… :slight_smile:

Fix FPS drops
Undermesh/ddos/3rd party software protection
Better AI
Fix old bugs
Keep fixing
New map free for all, no $

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When our devs stepped up and made the move to Unreal Engine 4.15, we never really looked back. That version of UE brought us up to date with April of 2017.

I would like to see Conan Exiles updated to at least UE 4.20, so that we can receive many and sundry improvements, including more support for ray tracing, occlusions in particles and fog, and native support for rain and snow effects that would keep our homes drier on the insides, and even shield our characters from precip while under something as narrow as a tree branch.


Hello, bought game in December, I looked at 2handed sword videos as it was before, put it back

when you do the ctrl move, with was combable before, no matter if you miss, opponent block or you hit, opponent can counter hit you it leaves you wide open no matter what.

-Star metal 1h axe,

-rework dodge or whatever provide a way of battling bosses, right now the only choice is to heavy armor.

Speaking of SP mode btw.

1 final request, I’ll open a thread on it too.

Harder leveling.

Right now if your not level 60 your level 1. You could start everyone at level 60 and just have things for them to find and the game wouldn’t change after day 3. I’d like to see a server, playstyle, whatever, that makes leveling take months, adding depth to the player characters and clans. That would balance PvP alot, leaving the oldest clan most likely the alpha, and turning it so their competition couldn’t just come out of nowher and, become rivals in a day of grinding.


-Better AI for thralls and pets.
-Tamer thralls for the dens.
-Water creatures.
-Slots to use bags (better bags = more inventory slots), quilvers (better quilvers = more arrows), and capes (cold or heat).
-Alliance between clans, with restrictions.
-Idle stances for thralls or pets like they behave when they are not tamed…

-Ban glitchers, buggers and hackers.


1: Why TF is it raining inside my buildings? The same goes for sandstorms.
2: Fix the thralls. Half the time they are no better than statues.
3: Horses are useless. They count as a follower and are no good in combat.
4: A small majority of NPC’s I kill or knock out glitch under the ground.
5: More building pieces. In particular the roofing side of things.
6: Expand the reach of ceiling and roofing pieces.
7: Have a good look at the mods that are popular. Start implementing these in the game updates and provide an OPTION to use these if a host or player desires. They are popular for a reason - They pick up the slack where you fail. The majority of servers that are popular are modded - Mine included.

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