PVP Arena as default Game Element

Hello there,

it would be awesome to have a PVP Arena as a Standard Element in Game, like some location with 24/7 PVP , even on pve type servers for example.

I have seen alot Guilds building, even on official pvp servers, arenas just for the purpose of fightning and testing against other clans.
It would be awesome to see something like this implemented as Core Feature at some location, think it would be also some place where people occasionally would meet.



In my opinion, the arena they made for the promotional pics for the Jewel of the West(i think it was called) dlc should’ve been put in, with this as a possibility… Gives people something to do. Challenging each other to duels :stuck_out_tongue: would also be cool if it was a space with mechanics that shut the door and make a non-climbable area inside it, so you cant just flee. But with a respawn point right outside or something, like they’re planning to do(or have done, cant remember) to dungeons where you respawn inside it

They could incorporate an ancient abandoned coliseum in one of the new biomes or something with traps and animals any who enter are open to PVP regardless of time or type of server.

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yeah that sounds awesome…
I could imagine some type of PVE Arena also, where different Creatures come and with everyone it get’s harder to beat and you get loot by finishing it.


There is a “search” in a top right corner.


As i said in the PVP-Arena-Thread two lines above…

Yes we realy need an Arena-type Thing where we can slash the sh#t out of each other.

Why can i not write the Word sh#t^^ if you play this Game you see a lot of things you can only see in adult-movies :PPP


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Why is an arena need when there is an entire server for this?
What sets this idea apart from having a server for PvP?

Many PVP servers have arena events and battles. Even on PVP servers sometimes its nice to just have fighting tournaments.
Often its controlled players are locked in arena and there is often prizes or reward, maybe even some wagers

Quite simple really, Gives players who want to occasionally PvP a chance to do so under controlled circumstances without the risk of being ganked or roped into PvP when they aren’t in the mood… (Think on PvE servers where the only PvP is restricted to a specific location that people gather at specifically to PvP when they’re bored.)

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Maybe…if the arena is an object placed (like the map room) and groups are never a thing.

So like a cage fight? (So the two challengers use the object and get teleported inside the cage and fight it out, with the winner being allowed to exit once his opponent is dead…)

Meanwhile other players are free to watch and cheer.

That sounds contained. I like that idea.
I worry most that grouping will overtake the game if given the slightest chance. This idea isn’t really grouping it is more of a meet up.

The arenas are like caged fights, they close the doors and no one can leave until there is a winner. Not always 1v1 , its whatever fight people want