Player Made Arena for PVE- Conflict and PVE

Alot of the PVP challange zones are way spread out and super far apart.

If we could build a small 6 block by 6 block premade PVP challange zone that would be great. Make it so player respawns at the challange site though so pepole cant abuse it as a teleporter. (if you die in pvp challange zone while server pvp is turned off you and all your gear teleport back to bed)

Would be cool if it was just like 200 stone, 40 ropes, and 20 human skulls to build the PVP site.

It would basically just be like a pit with seats like in the first movie when they throw conan into the pit after the wheel of pain. Outer stone squares are like a wall + seats and inner 5 x 5 squares = the fighting pit.

Maybe have a fighter pit upgrade with metal and gates and it also extends the pvp zoning 2 squares out, so 8 x 8 that way people can customize the outside of the fighter pit too, with extra 2 x 2 extra rows of building space on the outside.

I hope this description is good enough for game mechanics because I am not great at drawing.

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That is certainly possible. People have created PvP arenas in the past (there should be some videos of them being made). With the PvP flags, its easy to set up. Granted, would need a convenient location to make this work for most. Probably somewhere reasonably near an obelisk.

My former fellow admin made 2 different types of arenas years ago in our server (no longer there) for events he ran.

I believe the PvP flag covers a 8 by 8 region. 4 flags if you wanted a bigger fighting arena, would cover 16 by 16.

Placing a bedroll outside will cover the issue of death.

Good luck with that. You did not mentioned which server you were from to ask your server to build it.

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Have made arena previous to battle standard but seems you could work them in we would have a communal wheel of pain where clan members would would finish putting thralls in wheel pain with people participating had bedroll on perimeter.

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