Heres a suggestion, how about an arena similar to WoW, have the regional servers linked together for queuing and allow us to queue up and search for opponents 1v1 2v2 3v3 and so on, but at the end of fight allow us to loot.

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I don’t know if could be a technical issue or not, but if it’s possible it would be a great idea :smiley:

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na only if so able to raid on other servers on pvp servers. but not wow´s silly and pointless minigames!

Id just like to pvp bro, we are trying to give new players time to build up, getting bored and if we attack we get 0 loot we need and kill server :[

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Yes i understand but it have to be implented in a way that works whit this game. And ex mix it whit raids and purge system. And that you build an arena yourself wher you can inv player from other server by and portal/door or somthing.

But when we cant transfer caracter to other server yet, i Think its not poseble to do pvp-visits…

Not until combat is balanced so a team with light armor/medium helmet and spears can’t just stomp anybody trying different things

Could someone confirm we couldn’t do instanceed pvp like 10 year old game xD

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But this is not an mmo. In this game you build youre one arena, its caled an sandbox game!

You could make a private server and wall off the nooby area and float around as a GM giving players weapons to fight over and call it a “PvP Arena Server”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you can spawn in only what is on your hot wheel, and your armor.
no building, so load up on what you need and then go to fight. Winners keep any loot that was dropped by the defeated and can then return to their game.

Another thought, is since we in the exiled lands , combat between the exiles that the outer world enjoys. You pick an aren type and spawn in a lobby. You get to respec once, and then all armor and weapons are based for the arena you will fight in. Tournaments, group fighting, co op boss fighting. Entertainment for the non exiles!!! Keeping any loot you win when you return to your server.

A battle royal server. Rewards include randomly highlighted items dropped by players themselves. Pick the highlighted item and a copy is delivered to your base in 7 days.


Pick up a non-highlighted item and you’ll start the next round with that.

Conan Exiles BR i see it now xD

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