Add a PVP arena server

So my point is…there is 0 servers which are Arena, pvp only. Just for practice. Its really dump if you want to train your pvp skills you have to go on server, farm 2 days and then you need to find someone to fight with. Make a server where you can enter, choose arena do 1v1, 2v2. With your gear what you pick and weapons… please…

This would make for a really cool game mode. Lots of PVPers have been asking for a sort of arena like feature that took the grind out of the game and let players focus solely on PVP and fights. (sort of like “For Honor”)
Currently people just use co op mode and share admin access to spawn in buffs/gear/etc. PVP however does get stagnant after awhile. It basically boils down to who has the most heals, certain builds and metas. For an arena like mode they would probably need to disable or limit the amount of heals that could be used in a match.

There should be arena servers indeed, and Im pretty sure they would be very popular, reminds me of Rune classic arena matches, you spawn in, weapons and armors are displayed on walls so the combatants equipe themselves before the battle starts, would be awesome, these kind of game modes are very fun, Rune and Jedy Academy good times.

And by the way, having a global rank for the best barbarians on the pvp community is always cool.

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