Arena Build for Confused Conan RP Server




I have to hand it to you that looks awesome. Great job on the build.

That is a great build, good work. I can imagine how fun it would be if players fought in it and other players stood watching from those platforms.

We are in the process of building one in our server where players from all clans can pay to enter and winning clan takes all. That way we get the PvP and server stays friendly.

We have even talked of having clan battles there for right of several ruler. The ruler can be challenged and if he loses then challenging clan has control till it’s defeated in the arena.

Those Towers :slight_smile:

Thank you! We do have arena events for prizes on the RP server. Those are good ideas for the use of an arena!

The arena floor is actually a floating floor. There is a subfloor where catacombs will be built along with cages to give immersion.


That’s freaking gorgeous

looks fantastic, I’m waiting for the Aquilonian DLC before I set up an arena. :slight_smile: But this makes me want to start building it now!

More. Please show more, that’s really awesome.

Seeing stuff like this makes me want to risk playing online. Awesome, gorgeous build.