PVP Arena Queue

Duels, 2x2 and 3x3 is a core of any PVP and players need to practice combat all the time. This is also where most of best PVP players spend their time end-game in many MMOs (small survivals till WOW level) or just play MOBAs.

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PVP Arena Queue

Conan currently has a great, dynamic combat system and many PVP players I know enjoy dueling.

Almost on every private PVP server they have built their own arena and organize PVP events.

So we see here

  • a HUGE DEMAND and potential;
  • Moreover having a decent Arena system could bring more customers for Conan Exiles
  • and keep players motivated to stay in (end-)game for longer time (and smaller churn rate).

Problems today

  1. On official servers players don’t have any similar system and even on private servers admins have to manually build arena and teleport players
  2. Players still die and loose gear every single match, hence have to put bed nearby because they can’t do it near someone’s else building, and have to run to pick up corpse manually
  3. You can’t practice and duel with clan members because of reduced damage.

While you can build an arena on official server and organize everything, without admin privileges it’s just too much hustle for anyone.

What we can do

  1. Build in-game arena suitable not only for 1x1 but 3x3. This arena should be an instance zone.
  2. There are 2 possible options how people could get into this instance zone:
    [A]. Manually walk to the entrance and just enter it like currently any dungeon works. One instance zone is global for all players on the server. In this case arena should have a main outer area / piece zone where PVP is impossible and main inner area with arena itself. Players, entering this area are entering PVP zone and are able to attack each other.
    [B]. Arena matching. Probably today most common and easiest option for players across all games, but might need MUCH MORE time to develop it. Players has new UI, select arena type 1x1, 3x3 or 3x3 premade and click button to queue. In case of 1x1 as soon as second player entered queue as well, they both receive a confirmation window, players have to confirm that they want to be teleported to arena. After 1 minute match begins. No need of piece zone in this case. Usually it’s up to 2 victories of 3 matches. At the end, players are just teleported back where they were. In case of 3x3 everything the same, and in 3x3 premade case additonal step in UI where player is inviting other players currently online into his team. When 3 players are ready, leader can queue. As soon as 2nd premade team did the same and is in queue, all 6 players are teleported into arena. When one player dies, he is not respawning until all team members are dead.
  3. All players get into instance zone in their gear.
  4. Whenever player dies, he is NOT loosing any gear AND respawns in arena in piece zone (or waits till team is dead in 3x3 queue case)
  5. Probably should be available only for 60 lvl players.

(Optional) Cross-server instance matching

Current problem with Conan is that servers have very low limit of 40 player slots. Many servers later become underpopulated and matching between few players online could be hours long or impossible in some cases.

Being able to match for arena across all servers in same region would solve this issue and anyone would be able to find some players to match with even during weekday mornings.

(Optional) Ranking

Nothing motivates players more than ranks when anybody can see who is a best player and who are the rest.

Usually, for real PVP experience top PVP players and their clans should have some perks, like a bit increased PVP damage or resistance, hence giving a REAL REASON to PVP which stands for - taking something from somebody else and only one player/clan can own it at a time.


Would be nice to also fight against NPCs with your friends. And have traps on the arena, and actually do make it risky and lose your gear since this is a survival game and not a moba or mmo. And there should be rewards, like 100 gold coins per won battle and even legendary gear.

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Hey now. I personally did the grind for all the mats to build my t3 arena on a private server, no admin spawns necessary. The admin would spawn in NPC’s (including dragons :sweat_smile:) for us to fight when there weren’t enough people on to set up lengthy tournaments.

My suggestion is to build the arena yourself on a high pop server and announce its presence. It works extremely well on Conflict servers since there’s no raiding to destroy the structure and set times that people could gather to fight. It would work well in pvp too for all times of day, but you have to worry about random griefers who want to watch the world burn.

Yes, having PVE aspect in arenas could be great as well. After all, Romans had animals from all around Eurasia in Colosseum fights.

Moreover, in next DLC preview Funcom showed us dragons and elephants inside their “Colosseum” already. This is how it could look like and fighting big dragon boss (with optimized AI and adding more skills to a dragon) is definitely a very interesting and challenging team task.

There are also “PVE arenas” exists in today’s MMOs like Tera Online. So yes, you just teleport inside to fight either 1 vs mobs/boss at the end or as a team of 3-5 players to fight against over 9000 smart mobs and bosses.

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Hey, have found this interesting topic

Since I’ve seen another arena topic and things go down very fast on this forum.


Yes, yes and again… YES!

We need such a Thing!

Thats the most important thing that is missing in the Game besides Minigames that i suggest in my Threat but it goes in the same Direction.

Do it FC… do it !!!

Look what I’ve found in Dev Kit…

Arena map:

You can grab specific gear and it automatically replaces in your panel.

And anytime you change it, you are ready for battle.

@Jens_Erik when you gonna give us some insights? :blush: