Please help.. 999 i am trapped

please help i was sleeping grid 6E the spit on the isle of siptah with 2 followers when i returned i found i was trapped,… during my nap some one has built a tomb of sandstone around me … please help before i perish… SOS

Server 8007 pve!!!@

Oh! That’s too bad.
I don’t have siptah. But I don’t know if there’s really anything you can do on PvE for that.

Take off your wrist band if you don’t want to wait to die. But you’ll still die that way.

I suppose if you log out you can try coming back later and maybe the base around you will have decayed. But it’s double decay timers.

If you have all the necessary stuff at your home base – circle of power, 50 brimstone, 1 glass flask, and 1 sacrificial blood in a flask – you can remove your bracelet to free yourself from that sandstone prison and then summon your corpse to your circle of power.


Does the corpse retain all inventory items?



Also, make sure to have your followers unfollow you before removing bracelet in case you have the damage sharing perk… they will NOT appreciate it if you remove the bracelet while they’re actively following you :smiley:

I took braclet off ,… im a bit gutted as i had the silent leigon armour on and all my loot was figurines and good stuff , thats why was camping at tge spit in the 1st place,… it obviously the players who have a large base near here,… i wish they would piss off on pvp if they wanna fo that shit,… im so pissed as my bearer follower is trapped also,… i rode back to the spot and recovered horse and 1 follower but the bearer had all the spoils on her…

How long is decay time on official servers ?

Yeh what a ball ache,… can’t Funcom intervene and just free me?.. this is was my tomb, my lvl 20 bearer dressed in full epic bkack knight armour is still in there ,… funcom wheres the justice pls HELP!!

I mean… followers return home if you’re not there with them…
All you had to do was:

  • tell them to unfollow (not guard! but scouting mode!)
  • Remove bracelet…
  • Summon your corpse with sorcery with your armor and loot on it…
  • Wait till your followers return…
  • Report silly clan for doing it…

What a trolls that did this…
Learn sorcery, you can summon your corpse on the pad (forgot the name)

The thrall will get back to the last guarding area.

Doh!!! To late,… i bailed out by removing bracelet followers still there… spose i could rescue her and lose her contents and armor… … not happy… tnx for input guys … appreciate…

Currently 2 weeks if full sized base

Normally 1 week

If they just built a hut around you away from base then the timer would be way less

That’s awesome! I didn’t know this.
I gotta get read up on all the new features. And learn sorcery!

I recently lost a couple corpses at the volcano. And another one in an instance because of 2 minute instance loading time - I was dead before the loading screen finished

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appreciate the nfo… tnx… a glimmer of hope… :smirk:

Will do… tnx for info…

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The saga continues… will she ever be free?. . Nikki the bearer still incarcerated :joy:

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Poor Nikki!
I hope she is freed soon!

Was she set to guard that position? If yes, then you’ll probably have to use the “rescue” option and have her lose her gear.

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