Please help me not be bored

Then all is well with the world.

Keep in mind that while TSW has some content that SWL does not (mainly dungeons, raids and PvP), a good chunk story content that is completely free in SWL has to be paid for in TSW. The TSW base game only includes content up to issue 4. Issues 5 through 15 will cost you around $10 each. And of course the main story ends in Kaidan. There’s no South Africa in TSW.

I’d like to chime in and clarify a few points that aren’t correct in this post.

Funcom customer support does not assist players with creating new accounts for TSW. TSW account creation is no longer functional as it relies on having a valid TSW key. We no longer sell TSW keys, and if you’re able to find one in the wild then there is no guarantee that it will actually work. Keys bought from second-hand retailers run every risk of not being valid for any number of reasons, and if you purchase a key that doesn’t work then we will not be able to reimburse you or assist with setting up an account. To be clear: there are no authorized TSW key vendors any longer, and there have not been for a long time, so you should avoid TSW keys sold anywhere. Some may even try to sell you an old Steam key, which won’t work because Steam no longer supports TSW, only SWL.

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Who had accounts previous. As in … Not new ones.
(To clarify - this has actually happened. A GM happily gave advice and assistance in helping a friend get back into their own account of TSW they had previously)

I’ve said this before and will say it again.
People can play both and they do.
SWL for If and when they get a good story update… TSW for all the other stuff that isn’t in SWL.

We had someone in our group buy issues from the store with cash so they could play.
They had no qualms in doing so either.
The store still works to buy issues and to pay for subs.
All monies go to Funcom on that respect.

I don’t see the issue in that at all.

In fact, TSW makes a great standalone PVP gaming platform that can be played alongside SWL.

It’s not for everyone, but it still works none the less.
Who wants to pick corn all day?

If people are that bothered by a story update i am sure they will come to SWL when it happens.
I probably won’t though, because i am no longer interested in the story since it’s taken so long to further and from what i see the story will be continued in “Smaller, side missions” (probably the agents)
I have no time for that at all. I lost interest when it got to South Africa.
It didn’t grab me or retain my interest, nor my custom.

I have plenty of time to do stuff with groups of people in TSW though. :smiley:
And will continue to do so, since to me, it’s far more enjoyable - story or no story.

Personally i have a great love for both versions of the game but recently found myself going back to TSW because there is so much more that i enjoyed about the game , there is still a number of people who drop in & we gage alot of group activity together & it’s as much fun as it always was,anyone with a mind to visit & enjoy again the original game absolutely should .

Its this part that is a bit concerning, right above what you decided to qoute. There is no support if you end up buying a fake key. Funcom no longer sell the keys themselves. Nossos through out his post is talking about ‘new’ Keys. His post is in no way mentioning about old, previously existing accounts. His point stand and is very important for ppl looking to buy a key, like you said they can.

Funcom can help get access to their old existing TSW account.
Funcom has stopped selling TSW keys.
Funcom can not support you, if you end up buying a fake key.

Wow, the first player I see that says SWL main story is boring. Well, you haven’t been struggling for new content for years so It’s weird to hear that from a veteran of MMOs. Solomon Island it’s the first zone and it’s supposed to be the base lf every new agent so It can be iverwhelming to play one by one the missions, a clear difference with other games which gives you thirty quests per zone camps. And you ahould have gett at least at level 30 by finishing BM. Just play all the story content and side missions and you will easy reach Tokyo for high endgame.

I was clearly referring to the section where you stated new keys could be purchased, which is not the case.

If returning players would like assistance recovering an existing TSW account then yes, all they have to do is contact us through and we’ll be happy to get them back into TSW classic.