Please Keep the Harvest Rate On Officials ! Here is Why

So, I want to thank Funcom for doubling the harvest rates on Offical Servers till the 27th HOWEVER, it is my hope that you keep this setting as such.

Why? Because on Offical Servers, it limits the effects of getting raided by toxic clans. Recovering from those is soooooooo much better and easier.

Just saying…

This harvest rate is just right for PVP servers.


Hmm, but, also, allows those ckans to make twice as much bombs

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True but recovering from attacks is far easier since repairs don’t take me a month to rebuild from. We got offlined the other day and we were back up and operational in a few hours the next day. Repaired our base and replaced most of what was taken and damaged in a day. Before that would have taken a week or more to come back from. PLUS now we can gather enough supplies to double and triple up defenses so the bombs they’d have to use now would be triple.

I don´t think that it would be a good idea to keep the actual “double” harvest rate (which is 4x on PVP atm).

First of all, it does NOT change the attack / defend ratio. It only speeds things up. IMO the game is not made for this amount of materials you can collect now in a very short amount of time. At least when playing endgame, on a high level, your thralls and your own inventory, as well as chests and vaults tend to overfill… ^^

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