Please kill this sound effect.. or make it optional?

Sound effects I’d like to kill without turning ALL sound effects off:

1: Jewelry jingle… who in their right mind would ever wear earrings that jingle this much outside of Christmas time?
2: Crafting Whoosh… Just… no… please.
3: Panting while sprinting… I wouldn’t mind if I was half way through my stamina and started panting/ gasping but seriously…If I can’t catch my breath half a pace into a sprint my char must be Really out of shape.

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Sound effects are part of the game, they have toned down the crafting stations noise a LOT, I can barely hear my thrall blacksmith working or carpenter unless I am almost next to the station.

Try going to Audio Options and turn down the SFX setting maybe? Mine is set to below 50 or so.

I just notices the panting and was happy about the emersion effect it gave me.

THAT is what the jingle is, jewelry…my oh my VERY WELL done that FUNCOM (seriously). That is a fun noise too.

Can’t please everyone but I like it so far…

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I have turned down the SFX volume trying to balance things out and every move I make is a jingle or I can’t hear the rain falling and the other sound effects I do love. They have put in some fabulous sound effects that I do absolutely love, but every single earring set I have tried gives me that jingle that overwhelms everything else. The panting I can deal with, found a work around.
Working thralls don’t bother me. The carpenter cutting wood and the anvil being struck are great! Love them. It’s the whoosh of you have completed crafting an item… every item on every bench, furnace, or in my inventory whooshing all the time everywhere and if I cross a zone line I get four or five of them at twice the volume. (Solo play).

Oh that sound, I wondered about that. So it is intentional then…hmmmmm that one I could do without. HOw did you work around the panting?

Could they earring sound be because they are hanging from you ears? heh

I LOVE and adore the jingley earrings! The other sounds are meh, but not too obnoxious. None are as bad as the gulping from drinking water used to be.

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Eh, no…
I bought decent sound card and good headset EXACTLY so i would be able to hear all background sounds.
Without those game is just too dull…

I also like to hear the sounds and that is why I wear headset all of the time…

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