PLEASE Tell Me I Can Turn This Off Somehow....?

I took a break from Conan for a while, and with the updates and dlc’s lately I decided to return to it but I cannot play like this… :frowning:

I have a lot of thralls and now ALL of them, plus my character, are constantly coughing, spluttering, moaning and groaning. I CANNOT play like this. Is there any way to turn off all their damn noises…? I am playing SP, in case that matters…


it’s coming in a hotfix soon™, though I’m not sure if that was as an option or just turned off for all (I think the latter, at least for now)

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Well that’s good to know, I can’t stand it… I hope it actually IS soon. I am still using your toolbox too and very thankful for that… :slight_smile:

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Can also try to subscribe a mod that alters character behavior. Seems to cancel out those emotes.

Thanks, but I do not know of any. Will take a look tho.

You can change the Voice Volume to 0 in the Audio settings till the patch comes.

Yeah I thought of that, but then I won’t hear enemies coming up behind me :). Will keep it in mind tho, especially if this patch doesn’t come soon…

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